What I Loved About My Trip to Alt Summit 2018

What I Loved About My Trip to Alt Summit 2018

I’ve been to a ton of conferences, but Alt Summit is my favorite of all them. It’s full of creative and talented people and it was in beautiful Palm Springs. There’s a lot to learn and a ton of fun to be had. If you’ve never been check out what I loved about my trip to Alt Summit 2018 below!

The People

I think this is probably the best part of the whole show. I’ve met some amazing people that are now forever friends.


I work from home. Alone. I mostly just talk to myself about business and do my own research. When I’m at Alt I get to chat with other business owners and bloggers to grow and learn. Talking with other creatives is inspiring and I always come home feeling refreshed and ready to apply this new business knowledge to my own work.

Dressing Up

Being a mom that works from home has really put a damper on my style. I do have some real cute pajama pants, but I also have a lot of pretty clothes I don’t usually wear at home. Alt summit gives me the excuse to enjoy all my pretty clothes. It feels pretty good to take the time (and have the time) to dress up each day.

Vacation Time

A definite perk. I love being home (and sitting in my jammies) but getting out to a different city, staying in a hotel (without kids waking me up at 5 AM), and the occasional meal delivered to my room. This is the 2nd year that Alt was in Palm Springs. I’ve attended a few Alt’s while in Salt Lake City plus the New York and San Francisco conferences. I think the Palm Alt is the best location for sure.

Do you work from home? If so, what do you do to refresh your mind and body?

– Chelsey


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