Our 2017 Christmas Card!

The Paper Mama Christmas Card

Another year, another card! This Christmas we really worked with Willa’s personality. Guaranteed she would tattoo Ruari if she could. The lovely Minted provided the cards for us and we shipped these beauties out to all our friends and family. I love going through Minted because of their quality and the huge variety of cards they have. I also love the fact that they will print all the addresses onto the envelopes. For free. I really don’t like addressing 100+ cards, so this is amazing.

It’s a little difficult to read the back of the card so I’m sharing what it says below. Our little disclaimer for going to Willa’s Tattoo Shop.

“NO REFUNDS. Willa (“The Tattoo Artist”) is a 2 year old that draws and writes at a 2.5 year old level. Requested tattoos should not include any words or complex shapes or pictures. By agreeing to have The Tattoo Artist perform tattooing services, the customer hereby assumes all risks that are inherent or patently obvious in having a 2 year old with 3 months (ish) experience in tattooing perform these services. The Tattoo Artist and her lovely and attractive parents take no responsibility for any surgery, skin grafts, infections, laser removal treatment or therapy that result from the tattoo application. The Tattoo Artist works best with her amazing parents out of the house and preferably at a movie, bar or restaurant. As such, customer is responsible for changing The Tattoo Artist’s diapers during the tattoo application if any peepee, doodies, or wet tooties occur. The Tattoo Artist works with the aid of pacifier. If the paci falls out of The Tattoo Artist’s mouth during the tattoo application, customer will be responsible for locating said paci on the floor (it’s probably under the couch with the rest of them…), washing said paci, and replacing said paci in the mouth of The Tattoo Artist. Please refrain from crying during tattoo application as this will likely upset The Tattoo Artist and require cuddle time. Tattoo application may take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 days. No matter how long the tattoo application takes, customer is required to watch The Tattoo Artist for the entire period while The Tattoo Artist’s lovely and attractive parents are out at a movie, bar or restaurant. In no way is this tattoo session to be construed as “babysitting” services and, as such, no compensation for such “babysitting” services will be made by the wonderful parents. A tattoo from a cute and talented—albeit unlicensed, unapproved and likely grumpy with a runny nose—2 year old should be sufficient compensation for customer’s time. The Tattoo Artist’s sister, Ruari, will be “assisting” during the tattoo application. Watch out for her—SHE’S TROUBLE!”

Below are all our previous cards throughout the years:

The Paper Mama Christmas Card The Paper Mama Christmas Card The Paper Mama Christmas Card The Paper Mama Christmas Card The Paper Mama Christmas Card The Paper Mama Christmas Card The Paper Mama Christmas Card The Paper Mama Christmas Card

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

– Chelsey

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