Oh yeah, I had a baby!

Baby Willa - thepapermama.com

The other day I mentioned that I had relaunched my online shop a couple months ago, but failed to tell the blog world! I have been sharing shop updates on Instagram, but never on the blog. Well, my life’s been busy! I did have a baby and completely forgot to share that bit of news on my blog. I ran into a friend (I hadn’t seen her in months) the other day and she mentioned checking my blog for news about the baby, but there was nothing on there. She’s not really a social media kinda lady, so she had no idea. SO, I’m here to tell all the non-instagrammers out there: I had my baby!


Willa was born 6 weeks early on December 1st, 2015. She had to hang out in the NICU for 2 weeks so she could grow her lungs and learn to eat without a feeding tube. Those were a couple of the longest weeks of my life… leaving my newborn baby in a hospital each night and barely seeing my oldest kiddo while she stayed with my mom. I shared this NICU journey on my Instagram account and the support was amazing. I shared a ton of photos on IG, but instead of just repeating what I’ve already said on there, I’ll just share some links to a few highlights:

Baby Willa - thepapermama.com

Well, this baby is now 5.5 months old and gaining weight like crazy! She has the most amazing chubby cheeks. She’s still a little behind on weight and milestones, but that’s expected for a preemie. If she had been born on her due date she would be 4 months old as of last week. So, we are patient. Adjusting to newborn life again has been rough on my brain. I can’t seem to keep up with email and work, which is understandable since I have a new baby… but I just miss my normal non-tired brain. Ha! She is sleeping through the night now, but I’m still mentally exhausted.

I’ll try and come back to the blog with some baby updates, but you can also find them on my Instagram.

– Chelsey

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