Portland Eats: Kenny and Zukes

PDX Eats: Kenny and Zukes

PDX Eats: Kenny and Zukes

Today I’m sharing another favorite Portland Eats: Kenny and Zukes.

This delicious Portland delicatessen is one of our go-to breakfast spots in the city. If we can’t decide where to go, and maybe we have some friends in town that want to eat some good Portland food, we head here because we KNOW the food will be great. Always. There’s a great menu with amazing pastrami, pickled goodies, bagels and bialies, and they also make some amazing bloody marys. It’s almost like a breakfast by itself with the pastrami and pickled goodies.

PDX Eats: Kenny and Zukes

2PDX Eats: Kenny and Zukes

PDX Eats: Kenny and Zukes

To find out more info about Kenny and Zukes, head on over to their site.

– Chelsey

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