Picnic Style: DIY Bon Appétit Crown

Picnic Style: DIY Bon Appétit Crown

One of the sure signs of spring each year is the resurgence of the flower crown hair piece. While I love this all organic accessory, I’ve found myself yearning for more. I want to imagine myself strolling along the Champs-Élysées in something that not only looks impeccable, but satisfies my soul – and appetite. The DIY Bon Appétit Crown does just that. This plateau de fromages is adorned with fresh, farm-to-table grapes, artisanal cheeses, and a hand forged, rustic baguette. Pair it with a crisp wine and you have yourself the crowning glory of hors d’oeuvres. This beautiful crown is the perfect snack on the go.

Picnic Style: DIY Bon Appétit Crown

Learn how to make the DIY Bon Appétit Crown…

1) Use a piece of wire to make the base of your crown

2) Wrap the wire with floral tape

3) Use wire to fasten grapes to the crown for your base.

4) Once you have a solid base, fill the gaps with fresh foliage.

5) Use a cookie cutter to cut out flower shapes in your cheese, and fasten them to the crown with pins.

6) Cut thin slices of baguette and place them around the crown. You can attach them with wire or pins as well.

7) Continue adding until your crown is complete.

Picnic Style: DIY Bon Appétit Crown

8) Wear it proudly and enjoy every bite! Maybe hang out with a goat while you’re wearing it?

Picnic Style: DIY Bon Appétit Crown

Now that it’s April 1st, it’s time to start thinking about spring accessories. If you need some more wearable food inspiration, head on over here to check out the Bread Roll and Olive Snack Necklace DIY.

Bread Roll and Olive Snack Necklace DIY

– Colleen

P.S. This post is Sponsored by, La Crema Winery. I was compensated for this DIY post.

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