Day 5: Monster Doughnut!

Monster Doughnut

Day 5: Monster Doughnut!

Another lovely Pinterest idea that I had pinned FORever ago. I’m not sure of the original idea source, but I have always loved it. The monster doughnut! These goodies are so funny and would be perfect for a spooky Halloween dessert. A tray full of these little monsters would be so cute.

So there’s not much of a tutorial to make these, but I can give you some tips. Things you need: candy eyeballs (found in the baking section of most grocery stores), doughnuts (cake doughnuts tend to fall apart more easily, but will work), a small amount of frosting, and plastic vampire teeth.

First, I recommend cutting the teeth in half so they don’t break the doughnut. Carefully push the teeth into the center of the doughnut to make a mouth. Use a tiny bit of frosting to attach the eyes.

Arrange these treats on a plate and serve at your holiday party, or surprise a kiddo with the funny monster doughnut!

It’s Friday, have a great weekend! To see the other 50 DIY Days of Holiday Crafts, check out this link.

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– Chelsey

P.S. This is the 4th year for my 50 DIY Days. If you’d like to check out the past projects, you can click on these links (sorry for any broken links, it’s hard to keep up to date with all the posts… always a work in progress): 2011 // 2012 // 2013


  • Cathy on said:

    These make me smile! I want to make a batch and deliver to my nieces and nephews on halloween 🙂

  • Zauberbear on said:

    Ahh, I've seen these on Pinterest, they're absolutely fabulous! I love that you used glow-in-the-dark teeth. They look better than the white ones to me. 🙂

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