Fun Fall Backpacks

Happy Monday! I had a busy and fun weekend with the family this weekend, and I hope you did too. We did some fun stuff before preschool started and I’m exhausted and excited for today! I know I can’t be the only one that’s behind on life… I remembered on SUNDAY that I needed to get a new backpack for the kid. WHOOPS. Her old backpack may smell like old cheese right now (4-year-olds aren’t very good with keeping their backpacks clean). So the whole new backpack thing will need to wait until I buy one, or make one. To inspire me I shared 4 lovely DIY bags below. Happy back to school!

DIY Mini Backpack video tutorial. via The Sewing Rabbit

Hand-sewn backpack tutorial. via Hart + Sew.

These owl and robot backpack DIY’s are ADORABLE! Seriously. via Mod Podge Rocks for HP Create.

My Little Kitty Backpack DIY. via The Paper Mama

– Chelsey

P.S. I’m a paid contributor for the HP Create blog

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