Banana Note For The Lunch box

Banana Note

If you’re a Pinterest person, chances are you’ve seen the banana note image. It has made it’s way across the interwebs, and it’s a pretty darn cute idea. Bananas bruise easily, that’s why this banana note idea was sort of a “duh” moment for me. Not that it’s a necessary step in our lunch packing routine… I just think it’s a fun surprise for my daughter. I did this the other week and she asked her preschool teacher to read the note. When I picked her up from school I got the biggest hug and kiss for her lunch box surprise. Creating that “I love you” note on her banana snack was 1-minute well spent.


Banana Note

1. You need a needle or toothpick, a yellow banana, and a sweet (or weird/silly) note to write.

Banana Note

2. While you’re packing the kiddo’s lunch (and they aren’t looking), use the needle to scratch out a note. I went with the classic: “I love you!!!”, but you can write out whatever you want. “I’m bananas for you!”, “You’re sweet.”, “I’m a banana.”, or maybe you need to give the kid a reminder: “Clean your room.”

Side note…. Typing out “I’m a banana” reminded me of this totally ridiculous indie cartoon. So ridiculous, so silly.

Do you create any special surprises for your kiddo’s lunch?

– Chelsey


  • kimmer2111 on said:

    Aww! What a sweet thing to do. Such a simple yet great idea x

  • tinajo on said:

    Sweet idea, love it! 🙂

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