Another shooting.

Yesterday there was another school shooting. This time it was in Oregon. My heart is so broken for the family that lost their son for absolutely no reason.

I prefer to stay away from anything political on my blog (since I really don’t know enough to say anything about it), but I feel like something needs to change. Whether it’s gun control or a better system for anyone in need of care mental illness. Something needs to happen. I want my kid to be safe when I send her to school. I hate that these shootings are becoming the norm.

Please keep anyone that’s been hurt in any of these shootings in your thoughts, and let’s start a change. We need a change.

– Chelsey

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  • Beth W on said:

    I think the change called for is an increased respect for human life. Guns definitely do a larger amount of damage than other non-ranged weapons, but so long as there's an acceptance of violence as a solution to a problem, lives will continue to be lost.

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