Hello Blog Makeover!

The Paper Mama Blog

Have you noticed? Yup, The Paper Mama blog got a lovely makeover, thanks to the talent of Ryan and Nick from Roundhouse Designs. I’m so excited. It’s all up and running, but I have a lot to do on my end to get this new blog boat running smoothly.


Some new things for you to check out: I have these fantastic rotating category things in my side bar. I’ll change out some favorite posts from the past to feature there. If you click on the food, diy, or style links in the menu above there are a bunch of thumbnails you can explore. Looking for a home DIY? Or maybe some gifty food? Well, that’s the space for you. I still have a TON of organizing to do to make this blog run smoothly… my categories are sort of a crazy mess… but when I’m done it will be so nice!

I really hope you enjoy, and if you’re looking for a website makeover I completely recommend Roundhouse Designs!

– Chelsey


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