Personalized Photo Pendants or Keychain DIY

Personalized Photo Pendants and Keychains //

Handmade gifts are the best. Easy to make handmade gifts are EVEN better. These pendants (or keychains) are about as easy as it gets. Just a bit of clay, a photo, mini cookie cutter, glue, and a couple other small things and you have a personalized gift for a loved one. Personally, I don’t wear a TON of necklaces, but I have a few I love and mostly wear while I’m out of town. I’m currently using my personalized photo pendants as keychains (and the kiddo has claimed the kitty pendants for her necklaces).

Personalized Photo Pendants and Keychains //

Personalized Photo Pendants and Keychains //

The best thing about these little creations is they were easy to make. I just spaced out, rolled out some clay, glued down some photos and let me creativity flow. We have a few gift giving holidays on the way (hello Mother & Father’s day), so might as well get the gift planning started now. If you love these little pendants, head over to HP Create to get the full tutorial and directions, check out the original post here.

– Chelsey

P.S. I am a paid contributor on the HP Create website. 


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