Day 38: JOY Glitter Word!

Joy Glitter Word //

Day 38 of my 50 DIY Days of Christmas: Joy Glitter Word! Add a little more glitter and sparkle to your home. My “JOY” Glitter Word is lovely and will look so cute in your home. It’s an easy + inexpensive project. You can ALSO attach the words to a globe, if you have one.

Make it:

Joy Glitter Word //

– Print and cut out my “JOY” letters on heavy cardstock (click on these links and right click + save: “j”, “o”, “y”).

– Apply a layer of Mod Podge, followed by glitter. Let dry completely (about 1 – 2 hours) and add another layer of Mod Podge and glitter. Let dry.

– Optional: Seal the words with a layer of Mod Podge (less glitter will fall off the letters if you do this).

– Hot glue your pom poms for the polka dotted look.

Joy Glitter Word //

Done! You can set these up on your mantle, or maybe you have a globe you can tape these to? Joy to the world! Get it? Hee. Enjoy!

Joy Glitter Word //

– Chelsey

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