Day 20: Pepperoncini Cheese Dip Recipe!

Day 19 of my 50 DIY Days of Christmas: Pepperoncini Cheese Dip Recipe! I shared this recipe last year… it’s so good I wanted to share it again. So, if you love cheese & pepperoncinis: you are set! It’s so gouda (a little cheese joke for you on this lovely Friday).

Trust me on this, it’s a wonderful dip to take to a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner/party. OR: eat it all by yourself. I have a bit of a dip/cheese addiction… Click here to check out the full recipe!

– Chelsey

To keep up with the series, click here or on the image below!

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P.S. I do have a couple of spots open for the DIY Days, so if you think you have the perfect project to share send me an email. First, check out the DIY/Submission section in my FAQ’s for a bit of post submission info.  If you’d like to reminisce in the past 50 DIY Days of Christmas… here you are: 2011 & 2012.

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