Monster Eye Wreath DIY

Monster Eye Wreath DIY //

Boo! Scare the bajeebies outta your trick or treaters with my┬áMonster Eye Wreath DIY! Actually, it’s kinda cute and I’m happy to have it on my door! It’s a cheap and easy craft, check out how I made it below. Side note: I sorta thought this looked like a hairy monster boob before I added the eyelashes.

Monster Eye Wreath DIY //


– foam wreath (I used 12″)

– 8 inch smooth foam half ball

– 1/2 yard of “monster” fur material

– hot glue + glue gun

– one 8″ x 10″ piece of black felt

– optional: wire


Monster Eye Wreath DIY // thepapermama.comv

– Add a bit of wiring to the wreath (to hang when you’re done.

Monster Eye Wreath DIY //

– Place your wreath on the wrong side of the monster fur. Push the foam half ball into the center of the wreath on the right side of the monster fur. Fold the fur over each side of the wreath to make sure it covers all the wreath foam. Trim the fir to size. Note: the fur is super messy. I suggest taking the fur outside, after cutting, and shaking. It helps.

Monster Eye Wreath DIY //

– Flip the wreath over and hot glue along the wreath and fur edge (see image above).

– Pull the foam half ball out of the wreath and run a line of glue along the edge. Carefully press it back into the wreath to secure.

– Roll the monster fur over to the back of the wreath and glue it down with your hot glue.

– Cut a small circle out of your black felt and glue it onto the center of your foam half ball…. aka: EYEBALL.

– Optional: Cut a small/teensy crescent moon shape out of white paper for the pupil.

Monster Eye Wreath DIY //

– Optional: Cut out 5 long black felt triangles to create eyelashes. You can also add eyelashes to the bottom of the eye, but I felt it looked too much like teeth.

Monster Eye Wreath DIY //

– Hang that baby up and enjoy/confuse your neighbors!

Monster Eye Wreath DIY //

– Chelsey


  • Kim @ Go Fox Yourself on said:

    That is super cute!

  • Jen on said:

    Oh my gosh, this is so adorable!!! I love the lashes!

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