Seed Saver Packet Printables

Seed Saver Packet Printable //

Summer is just about over, that’s why I made some Seed Saver Packet Printables. I’ve saved a few seeds from some favorite plants, and plan to save more (prepping some tomato plant seeds as we speak). It’s simple to do.

To make these for yourself, print out the packet printable below and cut out the seed savers. Glue together, label, and add seeds + seal. Save and print when the seeds are ready! Side note: if you have small seeds, like poppy seeds, use some washi tape for any holes/cracks (since the seeds are so small).

Seed Saver Packet Printable //

Seed Saver Packet Printable //

Seed Saver Packet Printable //

Click + right click + save on the image below:

Seed Saver Packet Printable //

PLUS: these would make very adorable gifts.

– Chelsey

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  • Ellen on said:

    Love this! Thank you!!

  • Sarah Schultz on said:

    Absolutely adorable and so useful! Thank you!

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