Texas Style Council Business Cards

I’ve been traveling like the most insane lady EVER. SO, today is another round of favorite conference business cards. This time I’m sharing the Texas Style Council business cards that I collected. Another round of amazing ladies/bizz people.

Cards with photos:

Texas Style Council Business Cards // thepapermama.com

1. Minnetonka 2. She, in the Making 3. Standard T. 4. Merl Kinzie 5. Amandromeda 6. Selective Potential

All over the rainbow:

Texas Style Council Business Cards // thepapermama.com

1. Mama Case 2. Interpret As You May 3. The Glamorous Housewife 4. Stitch in the Sea 5. Delightfully Tacky 6. Chrystina Noel 7. The Anchored Soul 8. Greetings From Texas 9. Because Shanna Said So 10. The Sherman Sisters 11. Fashion is Evolution 12. Plum Lovely

Walls Need Love gave me a peak into what they do:

Texas Style Council Business Cards // thepapermama.com

Walls Need Love

 Are you inspired by these Texas Style Council Business Cards?

– Chelsey


  • Chrystina on said:

    It's interesting to see my cards laid out next to so many other cards to see if it pops or how it blends in or if they're the same style. There were definitely a lot of awesome cards going around at the conference. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nicole on said:

    It was great meeting you at the conference! I love your "business card"! Everyone's cards were so great and inspiring. Thank you for including our card! 🙂

  • Kacie on said:

    I was so inspired by the business cards at TxSC that I've totally redone mine! I felt like such a newbie. Thanks for including me!!

  • Dahlya on said:

    indeed i am inspired! am actually contemplating on a new design for my business card theme and this is mighty useful! thanks for sharing!

  • Becky Kozak on said:

    I love seeing all these beautiful business cards! They're so inspiring!

    xo Becky

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