3-times-a-week-style: Austin

Texas Style Council Prom Style // thepapermama.com

3-times-a-week-style: I gotta say… the most stylish I’ve been in MONTHS was while I was in Austin. Yes, hot/sweaty/104 degrees + humid Austin. It was pretty much 4 days straight of all the makeup and pretty clothes…. I was sweaty and stylin’. Ha! BUT, it’s pretty hard to NOT be inspired by all the pretty dressed ladies (and like 3 guys) at the Texas Style Council.

Texas Style Council Prom Style // thepapermama.com Texas Style Council Prom Style // thepapermama.com Texas Style Council Prom Style // thepapermama.com

//Dress: Zara//Amethyst Ring: MooreaSeal.com//Shoes: Miz Mooz//

Also, I’ve realized I keep mentioning how HOT Austin was, but I want to also say how that city is awesome. That’s what I’ve been forgetting to mention. It’s full of good food and neat shopping. Especially the South Congress area. The next time I make it out to the city, I plan on going during a non-super hot time. I’m guessing winter would be great (it would be like summer in Portland).

Even with the heat, it was a good week for my ‘dress nice for at least 3 times a week‘ goal. You know… cause usually I prefer to wear yoga pants 95% of thee time. Do you have any similar goals?

– Chelsey

All of these photos are from the most beautiful Elizabeth, of Delightfully Tacky


  • Grace on said:

    That dress is so freakin cute!

  • Dana on said:

    I like your goal of dressing nice three times a week! I totally fall into the rut of staying in gym shorts and t-shirts way too often, even though I love to dress up! Nothing feels better than a pretty dress and heels 🙂

  • Marie on said:

    Love that dress! Hate the heat.

  • Bailey K. on said:

    I live in Austin (didn't go to TxSC though. I wish!) and the most perfect time to visit is March. PERFECT weather and lots of fun festivals around the city. Winter time is unpredictable, and can be really cold (to us – like 30-40 degrees – and sometimes gets down in the 20s). Come in the spring! And then you can see more of what Austin has to offer!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I think the next TXSC will be in March…. so I'm hoping it works out for me to go!

  • ToTheSea on said:

    I love Austin! I'm from a few hours south of there and went to UT for my first semester. 🙂

  • jenloveskev on said:

    you looked beautiful all weekend my friend!!

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