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Goodbye Google Reader.

Google Reader + Google Friend Connect are officially kaput. July 1st marked the end. For me it all ended in January. Google Reader stopped updating my blog post feed for all of my first followers (from when I was on blogspot). So, if you were one of the lovely readers that emailed me asking why my blog stopped updating…. that’s why. I could not figure out how to fix the problem. For whatever reason I can’t get my blogspot feed to transfer to my new feed. It did it for a year, then quit. Bleh.

SO, if you were an old subscriber (and moved your Google Reader feed to feedly or BlogLovin’) and still aren’t getting updated feeds from me, I think you’ll just need to subscribe to my .com now. Pretty sure my old URL (.blogspot) completely gave up and now it just needs to be updated by hand. Darn it all.

To make it easy, here’s a list of many ways to follow the ‘ol blog….

– On Bloglovin’


– Choose how you want to follow through RSS.

– Via email subscription.

– My newsletter.

– Or, good ‘ol fashioned bookmark.

Updated About Me

Once upon a time I started this blog, wrote an ‘about me’ section, and never ever updated it. The end. Yeah. That’s the story. I think I may have updated my photos once or twice, but never updated the info. Ridiculous. Ha! Check it out if you have a moment.

Updated F.A.Q. section.

What’s that? You didn’t know I had one? WELL, I do. It was just poorly put together and really didn’t answer anything. It’s now updated. Yay! So many things checked off my super long to-do list. I’m hoping this updated section will answer any questions some of you have, since I’m a bit terrible at keeping my email in check.

Andplusalso: I’ve added a ton more info about contributing posts. I get a ton of emails about this, and they sometimes get lost in the crazy black hole that is my email. I’m hoping this will help organize things for quicker responses on my end. P.S. Some of you had asked, and I am gathering ideas/posts for my 50 DIY Days of Christmas right now. I always try to start in June/July.

Check out the F.A.Q. section and enjoy.

– Chelsey


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