Wednesday Goodies: GIVEAWAY + Getting dressed.

Wake up.

Wash face.

Put in contacts.


Tell yourself to NOT put jammies back on… but do anyway.

Feed yourself and the kid.

Get your kid dressed and accessorized + hair brushed.

Work a little.

Play. Work. Play.

Realize it’s noon and my jammies are still on. Also notice I didn’t brush my hair.

Make myself get dressed/wear the makeups.

Getting Dressed //

Getting Dressed //


Getting Dressed //

It’s a well-known Chelsey-fact: I’m happier and more ready for the day when I actually TRY to wear “real” clothes. Not jammies. Not the jeans from the floor + a t-shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy jeans and a plain tee… but dresses make me feel more fresh and happy. I love dresses, pretty shirts, and shoes. All the shoes. SO, that’s why I made my “Dress up at least 3 times a week” rule. I don’t always want to do this, and I’ve still gone 5 days IN A ROW wearing jammies, but when I follow this rule my whole day is better.

Getting Dressed //

I know it’s just a bit of make up and a cute dress with adorable shoes, but it’s apparently what I need in this crazy life. Before I had my kiddo, I would never leave the house without some mascara (and definitely not in my pajamas). That’s just not reality for me now. I mean… wearing my nice clothes means more laundry and that I also have to actually try, when it’s so much easier to stay in the pajamas. So, my small goal to wear “nicer” clothes and makeup at least 3 times a week works. I know my hubs enjoys it. P.S. I love the Almay Color + Care™ Liquid Lip Balm. It’s a nice break from lipstick, which usually dries out my lips, but this lip balm does not.

Getting Dressed //

That means 3 times a week I add this to my routine:

– Pick out a cute outfit, and actually put these clothes on.

– Put on mascara.

– Put on some lipstick or lip gloss.

– Go about my usual day.

I also try to make one of my 3 days land on the weekend, since my hubs and kiddo are there to hang out with and aren’t in their jammies. Ha!

So, Almay wants to give one of you a special treat for coming by and reading. Answer this question in the comments below to enter to win a $100 Visa gift card:

“How do you get your favorite weekend look?”

– Chelsey



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  • Jenn on said:

    I love my ballet flats, jeans, a shirt and wrapped around high low cardigan

  • shea balentine on said:

    I'm casual on the weekends… base and concealer with a little mascara.. it's usually jeans and t-shirt time! =)

  • Francine Anchondo on said:

    wear my hair down with some eye shadow and mascara and lip gloss

  • Karina Lee on said:

    i like to wear dramatic eyeliner

  • slehan on said:

    My favorite weekend look is sunscreen and a hat.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  • kolpin on said:

    my weekend look consists of flip flops in a variety of colors and a flowing wrinkle-free maxi dress.

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  • maria cantu on said:

    I put on a bright colored sundress and sunscreen.

  • Sand on said:

    My favorite weekend look is usually jeans, a top and sandals.

  • Brenda Elsner on said:

    Since my weekends are my downtime, I dress causally.

  • Melanie Dauterive on said:

    I really do up my eye makeup! And I wear my favorite top and jeans.

  • Thomas Murphy on said:

    I get a fresh haircut and some new clothes.

  • Ann Council on said:

    I am usually at the beach on weekends so I buy loose cotton shifts and dress them up with bangles and beads.

  • starr greenwell on said:

    I use Latisse and put on a really good mascara, foundation and my favorite outfit.

  • thischickwins on said:

    i get my fav weekend look with a loose updo, jeans, and flats

  • Mari on said:

    I add argan oil to my damp hair and to my face, too. I put coconut oil on my face, too.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  • Mihaela D. on said:

    my favorite weekend look is my fav pair of jeans and a tShirt

  • Amanda Sakovitz on said:

    I get my weekend look my straightening my hair and darkening my makeup a little

    pokergrl8 at

  • Tabathia B on said:

    My favorite weekend look includes black mascara, eyeliner, tinted lipgloss, bootcut jeans, wedges and summer blouse

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • Angie Lilly on said:

    I don't wear makeup other than lip gloss, so that is not an issue for me. I keep my hair very short in either a spiked pixie or faux hawk, so that too is not an issue. Basically I add zest to my look via accessories to my limited casual wardrobe. Mostly, I focus on having fun with my earrings. I love wild fun earrings, the more natural but eye catching the better.

  • susan smoaks on said:

    I achieve my favorite weekend look by wearing some mascara, eye liner and lip gloss. I like to look hot but natural!

  • sandra Travis on said:

    I get more accomplished when I get dressed when I get up. On the days that I don't get dressed, nothing gets done!

  • Lee on said:

    I will almost always wear a Maxi Dress on weekends to femme it up a bit!


  • kathy pease on said:

    If hubby is taking me out to dinner I like to dress up and the whole works foundation,eyeliner,lipstick,powder,blush and mascara

  • Kristy on said:

    That looks like such pretty natural color! I'm, all about natural looking makeup!

  • traymona on said:

    My weekend look is full makeup and whatever casual outfit I feel like wearing that day.

  • Ann on said:

    “How do you get your favorite weekend look?”

    With comfy stretch jeans, Tieks, and a light soft scarf. Minimal makeup and chunky jewelry.

  • michelle tucker on said:

    I wear very little makeup, so I go for a natural look with just a hint of mascara and lip gloss.
    Michelle Tucker
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  • bethanny on said:

    My weekend look is bronzer, lipgloss, and lashes.

  • cassandra mccann on said:

    I opt for comfy and clean which is basic and easy and effective star95011atyahoodotcom

  • Jill L on said:

    To be honest, my favorite weekend look would be just some comfy clothes and no make up. I do enjoy dressing up, but love relaxing.

  • Erica C. on said:

    On the weekends, I just spend extra time to wear my hair down (instead of in a pony) and wear mascara.

  • ccboobooy on said:

    Simple makeup tricks & natural makeup.

    ccboobooy at gmail dot com

  • tiffany lane on said:

    Fresh face and lip gloss

  • Linda G. on said:

    I like to let my hair air dry on the weekends, especially in the summer.

  • tina reynolds on said:

    My favorite weekend look is a little bit of my makeup lip gloss, jeans, tee and my justin boots.

  • Bonnie on said:

    Weekends is when I'm most apt to do full make up and curle my hair but pull it up, right now I like beach comber and a cool cute top.

  • Ellie W on said:

    Well just putting real clothes on and make-up is a change for me on weekends. During the week I am usually wearing lounge pants/pj's and a t-shirt around the house.

  • mariem on said:

    i lie a soft makeup look, hair up and dresses or jmmy pants!
    4mariemh atgmailcom

  • crystal smith on said:

    I get my favorite weekend look but throwing on my favorite tank top, leaving my hair down, and putting on some bronzer and lip gloss…in the summer time much more than that is useless for me- it all melts off or my hair goes flat, so I keep it simple lol

  • BusyWorkingMama on said:

    I focus on my eyes and a nice smokey shadow.
    aleksnearing gmail com

  • Bonnie Caselman on said:

    I've been inspired by all your comments! I'm going to stop wearing only shorts & tshirts with my hair in a ponytail & no makeup on my days off! I WILL start taking care how I dress for my boyfriend! Whew! That feels better.

  • Brittney House on said:

    I love a relaxed weekend look. I like a dress, leggings and sandals.
    Brittney House [email protected]

  • Daniel M on said:

    my weekend looks is to take is easy and relaxed

  • Michelle Hudak on said:

    My weekend look has to be fast and easy: just a bit of concealer, mascara and always moisturizer with SPF. I usually go with a light lipstick and a hint of gloss. I try not to blow dry or curl my hair…just let it dry on its own on weekends to give it and me a break.

  • mermont84 on said:

    My fav weekend look is my jeans and cute tank with my comfy flip flops
    mermont84 at

  • gina on said:

    I put on anything comfortable a dress or pants depending on the weather too, and some make up of course.

  • skbrushaber on said:

    I pick a dress and fix my hair, very natural look!

  • ashley on said:

    my weekend look is shorts and tshirts! Its the one day during the week that I don't have to dress up!

  • Bruce on said:

    Nothing special – jeans and a t-shirt

  • Erica Best on said:

    light makeup and lips gloss

  • Lisa on said:

    On weekends I use a BB Cream, Blush, and Eyeshadow during the day and when I go out I add Eyeliner, Mascara, and Lipstick.

  • Diane Baum on said:

    My fave weekend look comfy sweats, oversized tee shirt and running shoes.

  • Rebecca Graham on said:

    Denim, sandals, and light makeup.

  • Andrea on said:

    Comfy jeans and a t-shirt with my hair in a ponytail and some lip gloss.

  • Jammie on said:

    I am pretty simple a little lip stick and eyeliner and I am good to go. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  • Susan Chester on said:

    I like to wear casual clothes and light, simple makeup on the weekend.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  • ky2here on said:

    very minimal. Shower, moisturize, leave-in conditioner and out the door.

  • Wanda McHenry on said:

    I get my weekend look by taking extra care styling my hair and wearing makeup and sporting my nice casual outfits.

  • Lisa V. on said:

    My weekend look is mostly casual because I do a lot of outdoor things. I may throw my hair up in a pony tail or throw on a baseball cap and add put on some liner and mascara.

  • Allison Downes on said:

    I go for a natural and simple makeup look as well as some natural waves or a braid

    Thank you for the chance to win!


  • jennifer horn on said:

    My favorite go to weekend look is a little mascara, blush and naturally curly hair.

  • D schmidt on said:

    I'm a stay at home Mum but very short on time weekdays so I get my weekend look by having a Husband at home on those days so I can actually put on make up 🙂

    [email protected]

  • tara pittman on said:

    a pair of shorts and a nice tank

  • Becky Horn on said:

    My weekend look is a good tshirt and a pair of jeans, comfy and easy.

  • Norma on said:

    The only make-up I wear on weekends is lipstick. I usually wear nice jeans, a pretty top and comfortable shoes.

  • LAMusing on said:

    Yoga pants, a cute tee, flats and a cool piece of jewelry. And I always wear lip gloss!

  • joni on said:

    I just dress for the occasion. Hopefully shorts and a cute top.

  • Betty C on said:

    Weekdays are required semi-dressy at work so weekends are utterly casual. I'll do the occasional "dress up for a night out" look but I'd prefer jeans.

  • Becca on said:

    I feel like my weekend look is PJs. I have to get dressed during the week so I love the weekends when I can wear sweats or shorts! 🙂

  • Janice Cooper on said:

    I like to wear my favorite jeans with my hair down with spiral curls, wear black mascara and black eyeliner and a neutral color lipstick.

  • Eugenie on said:

    I keep it fresh and simple–I just wash my long hair and go casual.

  • Christina Z on said:

    Im a bare back to basics some lip gloss pull my hairback in tie and mascara with my fav tshirt and jeans ready to go

  • debra ford on said:

    This is perfect because on the weekends the hair goes up and all I usually wear for makeup is a great lipgloss!

  • Anna Pry on said:

    my favorite weekend look is my pj's with a cup of coffee in my hand [email protected]

  • Kate on said:

    I love your "3 day a week rule" and might have to try it out for myself! Now that I'm home and recovering from all things cancer I've been having a rough time finding my new "look". It's hard to feel stylish without hair! My go-to weekend looks usually include a maxi dress (to hide the new scars on my leg and back), wedges, and a wide brimmed hat. Oh, and big sunglasses and sunscreen too! If I'm having a good day I'll even put on a swipe of lipstick and some mascara 🙂 Can't wait to check out this new Almay Lip Balm!

  • Sean on said:

    My wknd look is a polo, shorts and flip flops!

  • Melinda on said:

    My wknd look is blush, mascara and lip gloss and out the door!

  • Madeline on said:

    For my weekend look, I blow dry my hair straight and put it in a ponytail, apply some light makeup, then put on a cute shirt and shorts and my favorite sandals.

  • nannypanpan on said:

    i flip my bob out on the weekends and i make sure my eyes are done so i look refreshed
    [email protected]

  • Kerry on said:

    A maxi dress and flip flops are my go to look for the weekend.

  • jen gersch on said:

    i throw on jeans and some pink gloss

  • Amy Tong on said:

    I get my favorite weekend look by tiding up my fair, put on my favorite dress and soft eye shadow colors. I love your outfit and the Lip Palm color looks great on you. I can't wait to Add Almay to my favorites list.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  • steff on said:

    skinny jeans and a comfy tshirt!

  • Karen Gonyea on said:

    I go with simple on the weekend….lip gloss and pony tail 🙂

    ktgonyea at gmail dot com

  • janna johnson on said:

    comfy clothes and ponytail hair

  • sarah hirsch on said:

    my typical weekend look is no makeup, jeans and a tshirt

  • Amy on said:

    My weekend look is hair in a pony, a cute sundress and my rainbow flip flops, lipgloss, a coat mascara and a swish of bronzer

  • Amy on said:

    My fave summer weekend look is hair in a pony, a cute sundress and my rainbow flip flops, lipgloss, a coat mascara and a swish of bronzer
    I love your new rule! I should really try that out to. I always feel better when I'm all put together instead of putting on the old yoga pants (again) 😉

  • steve weber on said:

    my favorite summer weekend look —

    cargo shorts, black t-shirts, flip-flops and designer sunglasses
    groogruxking40 at gmail dot com

  • cindy w on said:

    My favorite summer weekend look is a maxi dress, sandals, and my hair up with a little lip shimmer.

  • Emily on said:

    I keep it simple with lip gloss, mascara, jeans and a cute top.

  • Lynn on said:

    my latest go to look is a high pony fishtail braid, some tinted moisturizer and hot pink gloss. I've been wearing alot of nike spandex shorts and tanks this summer, it's been so darn hot!

  • Michele C on said:

    My favorite weekend look is casual, shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops

  • Heidi on said:

    I always need heels and a bright lipstick. It makes me feel put together and ready to party 🙂

  • Denise S on said:

    I look the same every day of the week. Jeans, a shirt, and no make-up or jewelry most of the time.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  • tina m on said:

    i like to wear dress and curl my hair

  • sandra on said:

    weekends are just get up and go

  • Stephanie Larison on said:

    A cute dress with some heels, some foundation and lip gloss and I'm ready for date night!

  • Debbie B on said:

    my weekend look is very casual – hair makeup and clothes! After working all week and dressing up everyday its nice to just go casual

  • Jacob LaFountaine on said:

    Roll out of bed. I'm ready to go

  • Erica Lord on said:

    For the weekend, I don't do anything SUPER special, but I might curl my hair or add some tinted lip gloss or lip color.

  • Halley on said:

    As a collge student, I can so relate to not wanting to get up and try in the morning!!! I've finally gotten in the habit of forcing myself to get up and put on cute clothes and makeup most mornings instead of sweatpants and a tee. on the weekends is actually when I like to stay in my pjs! but when I go out I like to wear a cute skirt with keds–that's my typical combo. I keep my makeup pretty natural–concealer, powder foundation, mascara, maybe a little moonstone mineral eye color by Mary Kay. thanks for the giveaway!!!

  • Allie on said:

    I'm a stay at home mom so I put on jeans

  • Deborah Anderson on said:

    Weekends I like to keep it simple, hair in a scrunchie, shorts & top (it is summer, after all) and a little mascara, blush, and lip gloss.

  • jalapenomamamn on said:

    My weekend look is pretty easy.
    Shampoo light gel, subtle eye makeup jeans with casual jacket.
    Thank you.

  • tamarsw on said:

    I wear what's comfortable! And if I feel good, it wins.

  • kim h on said:

    My hair is usually in a braid on the weekends and I dress in casual clothing with light makeup

  • Tari Lawson on said:

    I like a natural look; a bit of mineral foundation, mascara and a neutral lip color.

  • Holly C. on said:

    I am a class assistant at my fitness facility so I am wearing workout clothes all week. on the weekends I love wearing a cute sundress and flip flops and some mascara and lip gloss 🙂

  • Margaret Smith on said:

    I usually go with a natural and casual look. My makeup I keep simple and casual clothing.

  • anastasia2013 on said:

    I get my favorite weekend look by throwing on a bit of mascara (black, unless I'm lucky enough to have some blue or pink around), scrunch up my hair into bouncy curls and climb into some comfy jeans and a nerdy t-shirt 🙂

  • Dee on said:

    I get my weekend look by semi airdrying my hair then blow drying it, slipping into a cute and fitted pair of jeans, a loose colorful top, and then dabbed on mascara, lipgloss, and using my Almay CC cream (which is tinted a little bit and has moisturizer and sunscreen which is so awesome). 🙂

  • Karen T. on said:

    I get dressed up a little more & a little makeup for church.

  • soha molina on said:

    I get it by wearing litle makeup.

  • Lorena Keech on said:

    Shower, blow dry hair, no make up, jeans and a white oxford with tennies.

  • Jessie C. on said:

    My favorite weekend look – fitted white tshirt with dark wash jeans, tinted moisturizer with nude lip gloss.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  • Susan Smith on said:

    My favorite Summer weekend look is casual, I usually wear shorts, flip flops, mascara and lip gloss and I just let my curly hair dry naturally.

  • Kiara on said:

    My perfect weekend look is a messy bun and a t shirt and jeans.
    [email protected]

  • Angela Kinder on said:

    My weekend look is pretty simple. My hair is usually down (unless it's blazing hot). The only make up I have is some tinted lip balm and mascara. I sometimes wear some shorts, tank, and my Texas Longhorns flip flops.

  • Margaret Smith on said:

    I try to make a casual look with natural looking makeup and jeans and blouse or shirt.
    Thanks so much.

  • Jennifer B on said:

    My favorite weekend look consists of a perfect fitting pair of dark jeans that can be dressed up or down depending on plans

  • One Frugal Girl on said:

    I tend to wear the same thing no matter what day of the week, but on the weekends I definitely put on a pair of cute sandals.

  • Shannon on said:

    I get my favorite weekend look by wearing makeup. If I'm not wearing makeup I feel icky and unprepared. What if someone stops by or what if I want to run an errand??? Must have makeup on to feel nice and ready for anything even if I'm in jammies and my hair is up in a bun.

  • Cynthia C on said:

    I get my favorite weekend look by showering and rooting through my drawers to find the most comfortable thing that's clean. I swipe a little makeup on and brush my teeth and hair and I'm done!

  • Erika on said:

    For weekends, I like ripped jeans, loose tees, and a messy bun- simple stuff!

    chambanachik (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Heather G on said:

    I'm jealous that you have to make an effort to get dress 3 times a week! Between teaching summer school, going to Masters classes and waitressing on the side… I wish I could stay in jammies all day! You're a lucky lady! xo

  • Tabitha on said:

    Right now it's been a maxi dress, cute sandals, and a little makeup!

  • Nicole Larsen on said:

    I blow dry and flat iron my hair and put on makeup!

  • kelsy on said:

    I wish I had the freedom to wear whatever I wanted on the weekdays! I work in an office Mon-Fri, so when the weekend rolls around my go-to is jeans and a comfy tee with flats. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Sammie on said:

    My weekend look? Well I am also guilty of wearing the wrinkled jeans from the floor and a plain v-neck tee, but sometimes I will spruce that look up with a flowy blouse, eyeliner, a couple coats of mascara, a pop of punchy pink blush, lipstick and *maybe some wedges, but let's face it flats are much more comfy… 🙂

    By maybe I mean rarely. hah!

  • Lindsa on said:

    As much as PJs are comfy on the weekend, there is something about getting your day started by getting dressed even if you have no plans to leave the house! I go very casual on the weekends if I am just running errands or hanging around the house, in jeans, a Michigan T, and hoodie in the fall and winter. In the summer, I am all about my mint shorts with a cute tee to match/coordinate. Once you are dressed, it makes getting BACK into your PJs at the end of the day that much more fun!

  • Christina on said:

    I get my favorite weekend look by going for the cute yet comfy look, throw on some eyeliner and call it a day. I love wearing heels, so even the right heels with a dress pair of jeans does the trick! 🙂

  • Jen @ Ginger Guide on said:

    My weekend look is usually comfortable, I have to chase after a whirlwind toddler boy after all. Usually some BB cream with sunscreen, bronzer, and lip gloss. Also clothes that are good for rolling around in the grass….I don't know why that's his thing now but it is so I do it. Gotta love making your kiddo laugh!

  • Michelle V on said:

    I have been trying to put actual outfits on when I left the house but then I got pregnant and nothing fits, lol. Still trying to look somewhat put together even with my limited wardrobe but summer dresses, earrings, and flip flops have become my middle ground of looking in season while not putting too much effort into it.

  • Ginger on said:

    On the extremely rare occasion I do anything sociable on the weekend, I wear this black t-shirt dress from Target that is super comfy but I ALWAYS get compliments on, and swipe on black mascara. Lip gloss could probably do a lot for me, being pale, but I haven't found one I love yet. You look cute!

  • Hilary on said:

    I definitely look a lot better on the weekends because I actually have time to look nice & I get to see the bf. I straighten my hair, that's my biggest fix 🙂
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  • Mami2jcn on said:

    My weekend look is casual but a little more done up than usual. I wear lipstick and my hair down. During the week I usually don't wear makeup and I keep my hair in a pony.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  • Nataly Carbonell on said:

    I like to wear a cute tight bow for the hair

    and bright purple, pink or red lipstick on the lips.

    and soft creamy pink or beige eye shadow

  • Alaina Joe on said:

    Ooooh man, after a 40-hour work week, I usually reserve my whole Saturday or Sunday for 24 hours of complete laziness. I kind of have to trick myself to get dressed up (or even dressed) on the weekends. What I'll do is plant the idea in my husband's head that we should go out to dinner or the movies or something. This way, I know that when it's time for me to start getting ready and I want to just say "you know what, pizza delivery and Netflix sounds so much better," he'll but me until I'm up and in the shower. He's much less of a homebody than I am, so I can count on him to get me motivated to get cleaned up for a fun night out with him.

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
    Alaina Joe

  • Lisa Brown on said:

    My weekend look is the same casual look I do for the week: hair in a french twist, light smoky eye, and lipstick, jeans, a great t-shirt and wedges.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  • Lindsay on said:

    I really like to try to be relaxed on the weekends, especially in the summer when we are going to the farmers market and such. I agree however that a good goal is to try to get dressed – I feel like it makes you feel like you accomplished something before you even start your day, which hopefully leads to more productivity! (of course, I am typing this IN MY PJ's!!)

  • Elena on said:

    I like to wear a nice dress and my favorite perfume on weekends

  • Kelly D on said:

    I get my favorite weekend look by wearing light makeup such as mascara and lip gloss, a pretty blouse, dark jeans and bright jewelry.

  • Rachel on said:

    I am 33 weeks pregnant with my first child …. and I already feel dead tired and like getting ready is an accomplishment some days 🙂 BUT I am always happier once I'm dressed/ready for the day!

  • ktwhelan on said:

    My favorite jeans, cute tank, flats clean loose curls (i can't help that part) and light makeup!

  • Wani on said:

    I have found myself in a similar fashion rut for… oh, I don't know… nearly eight years… ish. It seemed like I was either pregnant or breastfeeding for ages and only lately have I started taking to time to accessorize and wear makeup on a regular basis. It does make a big difference in my attitude throughout the day. Who doesn't feel better about themselves when they are dressed like they care about the way they look? 😉

  • Lynda Del on said:

    My weekend look would typically include dressy tops and khaki or denim bottoms, a low ponytail, layers of dainty pieces of jewelry and a pair of wedge heels. For makeup I just use a BB cream, mascara and tinted lip balm. This look is enough to make me feel dressy and cute.

  • Jennifer W on said:

    Makeup is definitely the catalyst to making me feel more put together. It really doesn't matter what I wear. If I have makeup on, I feel ready for anything. On the weekends, I always feel cuter when I dress up…even if that's just a maxi dress, flip flops, and a necklace.

  • znoshi on said:

    I usually don't wear make-up, but I love me some heels! I dress up in some jeans and a cute shirt with a jacket. Yeah, it doesn't sound to dressy, but I feel dressy when I wear it.

  • Elaina on said:

    Weekend look? That's laughable. With a three year old who's obsessed with our water hose, my weekend look consists of a BIG hat, sports bra and stretch mark concealing shorts. HA! But I always have my trusty mascara on. After all, it makes me feel just the tiniest bit normal in all this chaos.

  • Christina Main on said:

    I'm with you- forcing myself to get out of those comfy clothes (read- what's on floor or yoga pants) and actually style myself!

  • Deirdre on said:

    To get my weekend look, I fluff up my naturally curly hair, put on my cutest dress and spritz myself with citrus-scented perfume.

  • Julia on said:

    I read blogs for outfit inspiration and then try to whip up something new and try to incorporate a piece I haven't worn in a while. Then I read beauty blogs for new looks to try and sometimes use tutorials to practice new techniques!

  • Mandy on said:

    I like doing something nice with my hair. If I'm dressed up, I tend to feel better about myself and have less trouble "getting up and going",

  • mona on said:

    If I really want to jazz it up for the weekend, I'll put on fake eyelashes. I have tons of cheap ones so it's easy (especially since I've had lots of practice) to glam things up, even when I have two kids in tow.

  • Laura on said:

    My favorite weekend look is black skinny jeans and a nice top with a little bit of lip balm and mascara.

  • Joni on said:

    I almost never get fancy so when I do on the weekends, it almost always involves about an hour in the bathroom doing hair and makeup. To curl or to straighten is always the big decision and for an all over flawless look, I use BB cream, add a little mascara, my bright pink lipstick, and finish it all off with the Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance pressed powder (I really do use it and LOVE it). I almost never wear dresses and feel my best when I dress up a nice pair of jeans with a beautiful shirt and accessories.

  • Nicole on said:

    I need heels and red lipstick. Those two things can make any look appear to be trying! Hahaha! It works, I swear! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jess on said:

    I definitely relate to making yourself get dressed. I work four 10-hour days, which means 3-day weekends, and it's so tempting just to stay in pajamas all day. I mean, they're COMFY. My weekends consist of maxi skirts & dresses with just a little makeup. I saw a thing on Pinterest that said something to the effect of "We may feel dressed up, but we all know maxi skirts are just crotchless yoga pants." Haha. Sounds like perfect weekend wear to me…..

    Also, that dress and brooch is giving me heart eyes. Love it!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Ha ha ha! "We may feel dressed up, but we all know maxi skirts are just crotchless yoga pants."

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