Revamped: Fiberglass Lamp

Lamp Revamp //

Lamp Revamp //

My sweet little vintage fiberglass lamp. I bought this guy last year, from Remnant, for $15. It needed a little bit of love and an electrical change. 

Lamp Revamp //

Lamp Revamp //

I used a 220 grit sand paper and vinegar/water mixture to clean up some old tape spots and dirt spots. I also changed out the electrical. I used a light-kit for this (nothing too complicated). The metal frame was also a bit rusty and worn down. SOoooo, I spray painted a light coating of gold. Done. Add a light bulb, and I have a great new to me light fixture! My revamped fiberglass lamp!

– Chelsey

NOTE: all of this was done wearing gloves/eye protection. Getting fiberglass slivers is the WORST. Invisible little sharp bits all over your hands = no fun.


  • Heather on said:

    Yay!! Looks so great!! So glad you were able to bring life back into it!!

  • Simply Gloria on said:

    I love how spray paint can change the look of anything that looks old or worn. You did such great job on this lamp! And great tutorial!

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