All weekend with the chicken coop building.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner //


Our whole weekend was spent building the chicken coop. OOoooooh man. We are 90% done. Sooooo close. Just the siding and the mesh for the run. The hubs and I are EXhausted and wondering why we ever thought building a coop on our own was a good idea. Ha! I can’t wait for this to be done. Our chicken girls are getting so big and are ready to get out into the “wild”.  I’m guessing ONE more week. Just one. HOPEfully. I’m tired of our backyard construction zone.

In celebration of HOPEfully one more week of coop building… I’m sharing this “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” print. I hope you enjoy! Right click + save to your computer for the large size!

Happy Monday!

– Chelsey

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  • Leslie on said:

    Thanks for such a fun and quirky print. I'm saving it to print for my husband. He says this some times when he's in a crazy mood especially to bug the kids. LOL

  • Brittany on said:

    Wow! Great job! (Also, that's very Portland-esq. Love it). 🙂

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