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WA Bloggers For Babies // thepapermama.com

WA Bloggers For Babies // thepapermama.com

We did it! This past weekend I went to Tacoma to walk for the babies. Our team was an awesome bunch of PNW bloggers and we raised $6,870. Plus also: Ergo Baby was pretty darn neat and sent all the mama’s carrying small babies carriers, plus little carriers for each kiddo. On top of that, the kiddo and I had a great time staying with our friend’s Harper and Mandy.

WA Bloggers For Babies // thepapermama.com

Thank you to EVERYone that donated to our group. This charity means a lot to me (since my kiddo was early) and many other families that have early babies or lost little ones for coming too soon.

Have a wonderful Monday!

– Chelsey

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  • Anna on said:

    Hi, may seem like an odd ?, but I was wondering where is your daugther's skirt from that she is wearing in the pics of you guys on the steps? Thank you!

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