Local Love: Breakfast at Screen Door!

Mother's Day at Screen Door

Local Love: Screen Door

I’ve mentioned having dinner at Screen Door in the past, and how amazing/awesome their fried chicken is! I have a BIT of a fried chicken addiction, so this year on Mother’s Day… my family treated me to the one thing I wanted for my special day: awesome fried chicken. This is pretty much one of the best spots to get some fried chicken in the PNW, even in the AM.

The thing with Screen Door is there’s ALWAYS a wait. Not some short 20 – 30 minute wait…. this is a maybe 2 hours or more thing. People line up around the block each morning before it opens, hoping to get one of the first tables. They open at 9 and we arrived at 7:45 am (I’m pretty serious about my fried chicken) and we were still third in line. Ha! As the time rolled on to opening, the line had wrapped around the block.

Honestly, the wait wasn’t terrible at all and was fun (maybe we need to get out more). We had our coffee and the kiddo just twirled around in her dress eating the snacks we brought.

Mother's Day at Screen Door Mother's Day at Screen Door

I will ALWAYS wait for an hour (or more) to eat that fried chicken. It was worth it. I had the fried chicken and waffles, and husband had the biscuits and gravy with fried chicken. Kiddo pretty much only ate a biscuit. She’s 3 and I guess she doesn’t get the fantasticness of fried chicken. Someday.

Next time you’re in Portland, plan out a trip to Screen Door. It’s worth it. Unless you’re vegan, then not so worth it.

– Chelsey


  • Lindsay on said:

    I LOVE Pine State biscuits in PDX, but I will definitely have to give the Screen Door a try!

  • Tammy S on said:

    Where have I been? I have lived in PDX for over 15 years and I have never heard of the Screen Door. I must be totally missing out on their great food. I will have to sweet talk my husband into taking me there one day. Thanks!

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