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I am a bit of a font nerd and I’m often asked what my favorite free fonts are, and where to find them. A couple of my MOST favorite sites to find fonts: and Lost Type. Yup. The perfect sites for lovely people that want to download a font… and not worry about any sort of copyright issues. Since I often use fonts with my business, I don’t like to worry if my font is strictly for personal use or is ok for commercial use. If it is “personal use only”… I just don’t download it. I can’t keep track of what’s what in my Photoshop. SO, commercial use only for my computer. Just makes my life easier. Below are a few of my favorite FREE commercial use fonts. They are free for download and if you use this font for commercial use: no worries. You’re good.

Favorite Comercial Free Fonts //

//Ostrich Sans//Cubano//Leckerli One//Mathlete//DUDE//airplane//Learning Curve//Wisdom Script//Sullivan//Costura//ChunkFive//

What are your favorite free fonts?

– Chelsey


  • Chelsea on said:

    oooh thanks for the share! love a good new font 🙂

  • Jessica on said:

    I love fonts. I've never heard of lost type before,so I have to look at that now.

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