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Easter Eggs // thepapermama.com

Yesterday I shared some inspiration I found to make some unique Easter eggs, and now we have our eggs. We chose to go the letter stickers route. We wanted to make Word Easter Eggs. It did NOT go the way I had hoped. I tried to find some plastic letters for this project, but only found some paper based stickers at the store I went to. SO: it was not super successful.

I purchased 3 sets of stickers…. the most expensive stickers worked GREAT. The medium priced worked ok, and the super cheap stickers: nothing. Do not recommend. Paying just a bit more for some letter stickers will help you with the project (or if the stickers are plastic based instead of paper).

Easter Eggs // thepapermama.com

First I tried placing the stickers ON the eggs before I colored them (in a store bought egg coloring kit)… many of the cheap stickers came off, floating to the top. SOme of the other stickers held on and created eggs with words.

Easter Eggs // thepapermama.com

For the stickers that held on to the eggs… I peeled them and was happy with the result. I even added a few gold dots to some of those eggs (cause I couldn’t stop at ONLY letters).

Easter Eggs // thepapermama.com

Another option: I tried dying the egg FIRST, before putting on the stickers. Let the egg color dry, apply stickers and use and apply a light layer of acrylic paint over the word (or whole egg). My hope with this version was that I could EASILY peel back the letters and keep the paint on the egg. This did not happen. The letters were so hard to peel off that I needed to use an X-acto knife to cut the letters out. Only 2 of the eggs I did this to turned out nice (see the “Ruari” egg below).

FOR those other eggs that didn’t work…. I went ahead and peeled off the paint & stickers that I had on the egg. Something neat happened… when peeling off the paint the coloring came off WITH the paint. Creating a cool affect to the egg (see the “love” egg below). SO, I did this to most of my eggs.

Easter Eggs // thepapermama.com

Easter Eggs // thepapermama.com

The kiddo helped me out with all of this. She pretended to spell a lot of words and she’s excited to share these eggs with Miss Easter Bunny (kiddo says she’s a MISS). I can’t wait to have the Easter Bunny hide these for my kiddo. Hee.

SPEAKING of eggs… the chickens are doing pretty neat. We still have issues with one of our chicks: Boca. Boca is a trouble maker and CONStantly tries to eat the toes of her fellow chicks. SO: she’s officially separated for a week (breaks my heart). I hope this works (I also hope she’s not actually a rooster). She’s crazy aggressive with food, feet, water, and pretty much everything…. BUT: She LOVES to cuddle with me. So crazy. I stick my hand down near her and she runs to it. She falls asleep in my hand EVERYtime. She likes me to pet her chest and loves to eat out of my hand. So weird, but she’s the most friendly chick to me and the biggest bully to the other girls.

Chicks // thepapermama.com

HAPPY FRIDAY to all of you! Have a wonderful weekend.

– Chelsey



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