Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Santa? Maybe not.

A couple weeks ago we went to have a chat with Mr. Santa. R knew EXACTLY what she was going to ask for. She was excited. REALLY excited. We had been prepping for this moment for a while. “You know we’re going to Santa? You want to sit with him and tell him what you want for Christmas?” Yup, she did. She was ready. She wanted a “Purple My Little Pony Princess, with a crown, a cape, a horn, and wings.” That’s what she wanted.

We got there, to “Santa’s Workshop”, and the closer we got to him in line… the less she wanted to meet him. I totally get it. Here, go sit in this stranger’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. Nope. She wasn’t up for that. We tried to bribe her with a candy cane, nope. Mama will sit there with you, just put your head up and say hello. Nope. This is how our photo turned out. My kiddo would not lift her head and acknowledge the man. No crying. No sounds. Her head was just glued to me. Ha! All I could do was laugh. How can you be upset with something like this? This will be a photo will will love and a story we will remember and share with her when she’s older! I love it. Santa looks completely baffled.

How was your Christmas? I hope it was fantastic!

– Chelsey

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  • daybf on said:

    I'm amazed that more kids don't react this way! My friend's daughter's photo with santa had less of a smile and more of an awkward smirk haha. Classic!

  • Corey Moortgat on said:

    Ha ha! You should take a look on my blog and click over to see our series of Santa photos! There are some really funny ones- my boys did not warm up to Santa until they were at least four or five… Hope you had a great Christmas!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      So cute! Oh, and keep forgetting to tell you: jealous of that amazing vintage Christmas collection you have!

  • Meghan on said:

    Aw, that santa picture is so cute! And for sure that will be a cute story when she gets older.

  • Eriks on said:

    That photo made me laugh. Her hair and boot look really cute!

  • Rosaspina Vintage on said:

    Oh my, this story is so sweet and yes I am totally with her! I'd have been completely frozen in front of him. I'm sure she will love looking back at this picture when she's older and laugh her heart out 🙂 Please tell her that she's also going to be my own style icon for these holiday season, her braids with the glittery star pin is the most inspiring thing I've seen lately!
    Happy belated Christmas to you all 🙂

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Hee, I will tell her! She LOVES style. She's a funny little girl. 🙂

  • prideinphotos on said:

    You are right the santa photo with your daughter is so cute.

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