I’ll be around…

Well, first let’s just notice how tired I look in this photo… ha! This was Day 2 of selling at Crafty Wonderland… just 1.5 hours left in the shopping day. Ha! A long, but awesome weekend. My first time selling at a big craft fair! It was a success. I got to sit next to Mal, from Whiskey and Wine, the whole weekend and it was great to have a buddy nearby to chat with.

SO, the show is over and I am finishing up some custom illustration orders. This means I will probably be MIA for a couple of days… besides the 50 DIY Days. They’ll still be going strong! PLUS, I thought I might try and sell a bit of the leftover product on instagram…. since I can probably get it out before Christmas. Anyone interested? If you are, watch my instagram feed tomorrow and Tuesday. It will be a first come first serve deal. You can find me on IG: thepapermama

Have a WONDerful Monday!

– Chelsey


  • Katy on said:

    It was lovely to meet you and chat with you! I love the narwhal!

  • Emily S. on said:

    Definitely up for buying some extras! I'll keep my eye out.

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