Crazy ass mental battle

You’re out in public. Your sweet/cuddly kiddo has suddenly turned into Cujo (slight exaggeration) because he/she wants a this or a that. Here you are…. completely thrown off guard by this sudden crazed change in your darling child. What do you do? The mental battles have started…. I’ve created an image to share exactly how I handled this situation:

In a situation like this, what do your mental battles sound like?

– Chelsey


  • sarahracine on said:

    Glad I'm not alone. Sometimes I think," are these kids broken? Did I break them?" and then, like you,"wine."

  • Crystalyn Bryan on said:

    The worst is that long, drawn out trip to the car dragging your kicking and screaming child while everyone glances at you. I'm seriously surprised no one has ever assumed I was kidnapping that child.

  • Corey Moortgat on said:

    I've certainly had my share of embarrassing situations, but now that I've been through three kids, I've learned to almost ignore the meltdowns. If I act calm and like it's not bothering me, I think it looks better to strangers (like I've got it under control), and it also usually diffuses the situation much more quickly. It's not fun for a toddler to throw a tantrum if it's not stressing Mom out, you know???

  • amanda on said:

    I am pretty sure I have had this exact mental battle lately with my own "almost three" It's AWFUL!

  • Amber on said:

    I love the "kind" comments from strangers "oh momma, we've all been there too" to which my brain (not my mouth) replies.. "yes, but are you there RIGHT NOW?!??! What is wrong with you kid?" 🙂

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      It's always such a shock when your kid just loses it.

  • sandrakohlmann on said:

    I am "lucky" in that my kids save their meltdowns for the confined spaces of the car and our house. It's less embarrassing, but much louder and uglier than any public tantrum I've ever seen from any child.

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