Things to love this week… Halloween edition

I’m currently in the process of making Miss R’s Halloween costume. Yeah, I’m nuts. But, I can’t leave well enough alone… I have to go crazy and make it all myself. Ha! Hopefully I’ll have it done soon, and can share some photos with you next week. Yay! Last year I made R a fox costume out of an old jacket, sweater, and some felt. Awwww, she was so little!

Onto the links I love this week: Halloween edition!

Halloween twist on s’mores!

How much do cats actually kill?

Buried alive muffins!

Ummmm… this party dress is 6 bagbilliongillion dollars, but it’s cute!

Strawberry ghosts.

Pumpkin whoopie pies? Yes, please!

I love this monster wreath! So cute. You can find the tutorial here.

Zero the ghost dog!

Hanging pumpkin lanterns!

Painted pumpkins! I always prefer painting our pumpkins. They last longer too! You can keep them all the way through the New Year! I kid….

Halloween parfaits.

Cozy Coupe refashion… into the freakin’ bat mobile!

Mmmmm…. pumpkin walnut muffins.

Spiderweb door mat? Ok!

Pumpkin pretzels for the kiddo!

Empty bottle turned into witches brew!

Happy weekend to all of you! And, another little reminder: if you’re in the PNW… the last day to buy your Holiday Party ticket is coming up! Hope to see you there.

– Chelsey


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  • Marissa on said:

    The fox costume is incredibly adorable! You're very talented.

  • amandajillian on said:

    Awww how cute!

  • OT and ET on said:

    hahahahaha Murder Cats! bahahahahaha! ps. that fox costume is the sweetest <3 I'm thinking of half-making Otto and Loretta's costumes but dude, I need to get on that like asap :/

  • April @RedDirtMama on said:

    I have to make the costume too! There's extra excitement in it for me that way! I loved R's costume last year – I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      R is super excited too! Especially because it's exactly what she asked to be. Hee.

  • mel on said:

    I still ADORE that cute foxy outfit you made her.. and everytime I see it pop up around Pinterest I smile again! This year my wee one will be Red Riding Hood… love any/all woodland inspired outfits!
    happy weekend mama.
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Ooooo! Are you making it? Either way: cute costume. 🙂

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