I have another new post over at Better Homes and Gardens! This week I’m sharing a free “Welcome” printable, to make your very own Welcome pumpkin. You can find it here. I love this pumpkin!

Obsessing over: Halloween candy. Ha! I don’t eat many sweets… but, when I bring those little bite-sized candies into my home: I can’t stop myself. Especially the Reese’s cups.

Working on: This year’s 50 DIY Days of Christmas! I did this last year, too. It’s been a ton of work and I am excited to share!

Thinking about: How grumpy my kid was tonight. It was a crazy meltdown. Whoa.

Anticipating: The weekend! We’re getting close to finishing our little fence. Weeee!

Listening to: Parks and Rec. Ha! Love this show.

Drinking: Wine. It’s like mama’s medicine for crazy toddler meltdowns.

Wishing: I had a reese’s peanut butter cup in my hand.


Just a couple links to share with you this week…. 

Headed to a baby shower? Cute DIY to show you how to turn onesies into cupcakes.

This little girl’s birthday party is so cute! I’m loving the braided hair gift favors!

PLUS, there’s one ticket left for my meet up! If you’ve been considering coming, there you go…

Happy Friday everyone!


  • Miki on said:

    Awe, this is the best pumpkin decoration ever! 😉

    Happy midweek! ;D


  • lifeislovee on said:

    I'm not big on sweets either, but Reese's cups of any size are my weakness.

  • lyndsay on said:

    love that welcome pumpkin – beautiful shot, makes me so happy that it is fall!

  • Amanda on said:

    Must be something in the air. My daughter had the most epic melt down last night. Oh my goodness.. I shudder just thinking about it. Haha

  • Lynnee on said:

    I'm so happy to have found your site. I am going to add you to my reader now. My crafty sister is featured in the Cute DIY link you have above. Thank you for linking to her post! Have a great day.

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