50 DIY Days…. coming your way.

Alright, friends! It’s just about time…. This wednesday my 50 DIY Days of Christmas (for 2012) is starting! Whew! I (and, a few other lovely bloggers) have been working our buns off to get ready for this series! The goal: to have a new holiday inspired DIY Monday through Saturday. Each week (up until a couple days before Christmas).

Yeah… I’m going to make you start thinking of Christmas… in October. Ha! SO… get ready! I haven’t completely finished all the DIY’s… so, if there’s any DIY you’d reallllllyyyyy looooooove to see: let me know if the comments below!

Happy Monday!

– Chelsey

P.S. Thanks to Jess for making this 50 DIY Days logo for me! <3 And, here’s a link to last year’s 50 DIY Days.



  • katiivey on said:

    Can't wait to see some of these! I'm not very crafty but I like to dream 🙂

  • Denise g on said:

    Can you do a DIY stepping stone or maybe the sharpie mugs?

    Thank you

  • heather on said:

    I can't wait! It's never too early to start thinking of christmas when you are doing it DIY style!

  • Nat-tea, cake, make on said:

    It's def not too early to craft for the holidays! Really excited to see

  • mrsmar on said:

    Never too urly to start for x-mas, I have already got my card ready and am going to be ording it tonight with the calanders I make for the family.

    PS will you be doing your Christmas card challenge this year again? I never got around to submitting last year as I was too slow at getting everything organized

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Yes, I think I will. That's always a favorite challenge!

  • mel on said:

    ohhh good gravy ~ that's going to be off the hook!! Excited to see what you come up with!
    I'll be posting my favourite d.i.y I've done to date (tomorrow) if you need some more fun ideas (painted feather mobile!).

    Great header by Jess too!
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

  • jesscurly on said:

    Would you be intesterested including a Hanukkah DIY?

      • Jess R on said:

        I’m going to have to find my crafting gene somewhere in the next month to come up with something good. 😉

      • jesscurly on said:

        I've got an idea…are you interested in featuring a wreath idea for Hannukah? No hurt feelings if you're all-wreathed out. 🙂

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