Currently and a few of my favorite things.


Obsessing over: Soooooo, I know I may be a little too addicted to Starbucks… but, I’m really excited about the updated rewards program. Yeah! I often head to Starbucks, with my computer, for my work time. I seem to focus there better. At home I’m all over the place and get distracted by all the shiny things and… oooh! I see a butterfly! Anywho… I like a little less paper being printed and sent all over the world: now Starbucks rewards are updated on your app. Yup. Thank goodness. I never remember those darn ‘free-drink’ postcards. AND: you can use your rewards for food. YES! R and I head out to Starbucks for a little lunch date once a week. We love it.

Working on: Alll my custom orders. AND, loving it. I’m always happy when I’m drawing.

Thinking about: My upcoming blog series. It’s keeping me SUPER busy. BUT, I just love it.

Anticipating: Another trip to Cali. Ummm, yeah. I’m headed out again! Ha! BUT, this will be the last trip until I head to Utah, for Alt Summit, in January. I’m excited, and all this travel is helping with my fear of flying.

Listening to: Well, Rumour Has It by, Adele is currently playing on my Pandora channel. Love her.

Drinking: COFFEE. I’m normally a tea girl, but lately I’ve been so exhausted… coffee is needed. Sometimes.

Wishing: Still wishing I had an assistant. Goodness.


AND, my favorite links this week:

– On-the-go reading pillow! Cute little DIY. I think this would be a fun holiday gift.

– Love the beautiful prints in this Etsy shop. Christmas gifts?

– How did it take me so long to find this beautiful blog? It is gorgeous. So fun to wander though (and, I get super hungry).

– Need some fall wreath inspiration? Here you go!

– I tried out salt dough, last year, to make some handprint ornaments… I’m wondering if this cornstarch/baking soda dough is easier to work with?

– Weee! DIY bat wings for the kiddo! Halloween is coming up fast!

– The hippie side of me gets sad at the thought of all the waste of toothbrushes. Plastic that’s barely used, and then thrown away. Love the idea of this toothbrush sanitizer.

– These earrings are beautiful! Too bad they’re sold out.

– I’d really love this name ring, with my daughter’s name. Christmas present to myself! Hee.

– Bah, I don’t really want to think about this… but, this may be a natural way to get rid of head lice. I need to file this away for later (and hope I never need it, ha).

– Cute ladder bookshelf! Love it!

– AND: if you’re a blogger in the Pacific Northwest, we’d love to see you at our PNW Blogger Holiday Party. More info here!

<3 Chelsey


  • Lindsay on said:

    Oh man, I am waaaay too addicted to the Starbucks. Almost embarrassingly so. I'm pretty pumped about free drinks to your app and the free drink after 12 stars. My daughter Amelia and I also do frequent Starbucks dates. 🙂 ——- Great links!

  • Diana on said:

    You had such great things in this post! I LOVE that ladder shelf, gives me some inspiration. Earrings are beautiful! The photos on that blog – amazing! Happy Friday!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Ah! ME TOO. It's like I have little mini heart attacks… every time.

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