Wordless{ish} Wednesday: The BlogHer Truth

{My gorgeous roomies: Jess, Jenni, Stephanie, and Torie.}

Time to tell the truth. This BlogHer ’12 experience was not the same. It just wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong: it was still so worth it.

For sure. This year the conference felt scattered, confusing, and maybe there were just too many attendees (over 5,000). I don’t know. You are thrown into a world of all types of bloggers, and it became a little overwhelming… and, I started to feel like it was all about getting free stuff. I am in no way against swag and yummy free food… but, I don’t need 50 tubes of free toothpaste and vaginal itch cream (by the way, I know it’s gotta be insanely hard planning a conference like this, props to the BlogHer ladies).

Anywho, things I loved: I met long time readers of my blog and made new friends. We wandered all over New York. I met The Pioneer Woman (heeee, yay). I saw Martha Stewart talk (holy moly, good golly, I love her). And, I was silly with good friends. Played Mad Libs till 3 am…. crazy. I had a duel unicorn/narwhal duel with Mandy. And, something I couldn’t get enough of: the Jimmy Dean sausage biscuit sandwich. Ha! They had lots to sample for free.

More BlogHer goodness: I got to watch 3 of my friends (Jill, Charlie, and Mandy) chat about how to be a professional blogger in their very own session (so proud). I made sure to photograph this moment… P.S. This was my favorite quote, about blog design, from this panel (yes, she said this and it’s oh so true):

{Quote image from Baby Rabies}

My BlogHer experience: I learned, I networked, and worked on my blog….. but, this trip was really about the people. The friendships and relationships I’ve made through these internets. These photos pretty much say it all:

– Chelsey

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  • OT and ET on said:

    That looks like a LOT of fun! I've read quite a few recap posts that kind of mentioned the same thing, that it just wasn't the same this year but was still great because of the people. I'm so wanting to go next year!

    ps. Is there a date yet for the PNW blogger meetup this fall? Sorry if you already announced I couldn't find. Really looking forward to it!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Yes! I was just thinking I need to share more PNW Meet Up info. 🙂 The date is November 3rd. It will be in Portland again.

  • Emily S. on said:

    LOL, you girls are hilarious!! Glad you could enjoy your friendships at least.

  • Sarah on said:

    These are great. Looks like fun. I have gone back and forth every year whether to go or not. I would like to go to one where all my bloggy friends are going to go but not 5,000 in one place. WOW!!

  • Mariana on said:

    Wow!! This looks like you had so much fun!
    I wish I could be a part of something like that one day… Ah… One day…

    Btw, great photos!! 🙂

  • alicia on said:

    I've never been and I would have nothing to compare it to, but that doesn't sound like my kinda thing. And totally off topic, I've never seen you in shorts before. Cute! 😉

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I feel maybe it's just too many people at one time. I think less would be better. 😀 And, thanks about the shorts…. I just bought 2 pairs this year. 😉

  • erin on said:

    x rated mad libs are always a good time (i'm not the only one, right?!)

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  • Anni on said:

    It really looks like you guys had a wonderful time! And a lot of FUN!!

    I hope I´ll be part of BlogHer one day, too. If we move back to the states, it might be easier… We will see! 🙂 I just hope I´ll
    meet you one day as well! And I will sure bring some great wine from Germany!


    • The Paper Mama on said:

      They need a Euro BlogHer…. I'd find an excuse to go to that one. ;D

  • Mallorie Owens on said:

    Looks like a blast, wish I could have been there to meet you ladies!

  • kat9365 on said:

    This was my first BlogHer and I felt just like you describe int he beginning: scattered, lost, and, to be honest, completely out of place there. I wish I had made more connections beforehand or during with some blog friends, but apparently I didn't. Instead, I just walked away feeling like the whole thing wasn't my cup of tea. And maybe that isn't BlogHer at all…maybe that's just me. I'm so glad you had fun and I'm glad I got to meet you in person (even if I did make a bit of a fool of myself).

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      You definitely didn't make a fool of yourself. You were so sweet! And, the BlogHer last year was very different. It was so chaotic this year. <3

  • Krista - The Tech Mom on said:

    Your photos are hilarious! Looks like you had a time! fantastic

  • Kitty Bradshaw on said:

    Aww I am sorry I didn't get to bump into you in New York 🙁

  • torie on said:

    Agreed. I felt the same exact way, and I feel a little bad for those who this was their first time.

    BUT, you people made it all worth it 🙂

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Seriously… the people made it. And, I'm hoping maybe they scale back this next year? Or, split the conferences up some more?

  • Chelsea on said:

    Aw! looks like so much fun. And Martha Stewart. No. Words.

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  • chichomeschoolmama on said:

    Looks like it was a fun time. LOVE the sunshine guy- that's really cool.

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