Links to love. BlogHer style.

Ok, I’m done sharing BlogHer stuff. Jess just shared these photos with me, and so I thought I’d share them too.

Plus, this also made me realize I didn’t take any photos of my other friends and bloggers. I got so busy…. I just never thought to do it! Darn. Well, do say hello to them:

MandyMaeMorganTiffanyKrystalJill, JennaCharlie & AndyJenAriAlenaJamie & JonMiranda, DianaSuzanne, Melissa, Emily and anyone else I’ve left off.

So, I’m ending my BlogHer posts week with a few BlogHer posts from my friends. Enjoy!

You might be an asshole at a conference if….

I learned things.

The Conference.

Unscheduled moments in New York #BlogHer12

it was blogher12

BlogHer hangover is real

I guess BlogHer is not for me?

BlogHer recap via Instagram

The BlogHer12 Recap

BlogHer12 Photo Vomit

Don’t poop out of your mouth, and other incredibly awesome advice (BlogHer 12)

BlogHer12 Recap

I’m home. Sort of.

BlogHer HangovHer

– Chelsey 

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  • TheNextMartha on said:

    Thanks for sharing! Great shots.

  • Miranda on said:

    Thanks for the mention, Chelsey! I was sad we didn't get to hang out more! Stupid crazy busy-ness. :/

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