How to build a garden box!

How to build a garden box //

We’re growing things! Yes we are! We’re bursting at the seams with tomatoes, spinach, radishes, carrots… and more! It’s been so wonderful to walk outside my door and grab the veggies for dinner! My fave plant so far: radishes. I used to think they were pretty lame… until we realized we could eat the greens too! They grow really fast. Super easy to grow.

We built two of these 4 by 4 boxes back in May. So, I thought I should share how I did this! No need to pay someone to do it for you. It’s easy.

How to build a garden box supplies:

– Rot-resistant wood (cedar or redwood): We made our boxes out of cedar (finished box dimensions: 4 feet x 4 feet). For one box you need 8 pieces of 4 foot x 6 inch wooden planks. We double stacked 6 inch pieces of wood, to create a 1 foot high box.

– 4 corner brackets (see the photo below)

– 16 – 24 exterior wood screws (depends on the corner bracket you find)

– Boiled linseed oil (optional: found at home depot)

– Gloves and an old rag

– Electric screwdriver

– Level (to make it straight)

– Shovel

– Dirt


How to build a garden box //

1. Position your two 4 foot x 4 foot planks together to create a 12 inch wide piece (see below). Screw in the corner bracket and repeat this with all the remaining pieces of wood, until you’ve created a square.

How to build a garden box //

How to build a garden box //

2. Now, it’s time to apply some boiled linseed oil. It’s not a necessity, but I’ve read it can extend the life of your garden box wood. Using an old rag and wearing gloves, rub a layer of oil all over the wood in the box. Let it dry overnight. Side note: linseed oil can be flammable. Please be sure to read the directions carefully.

How to build a garden box //

3. It’s time to put your box in the garden! We chose a spot in full sun. First we had to dig a hole to level it out, which also helped to make the box sturdier. If you don’t plan on digging a hole to install, I suggest hammering some wooden stakes next to the box to make it stronger.

How to build a garden box //

4. Add some gardening soil to the inside of your box.

5. Now you get to start planting! Planting…. lots of water. Tah dah!

How to build a garden box //

Happy gardening!

– Chelsey


  • The Paper Mama on said:

    So, we have this darn cat…. that comes to our box, digs up the seedlings, and poops. Drives me nuts! I tried to plant another bunch of spinach… they were dug up and poo'd on. :/

  • skye on said:

    I love your garden box – and veggies- so pretty! 🙂 Nothing better than fresh veggies! You are lucky you can have those in your yward without critters eating them. In my yard, that would be eaten in an hour by deer, squirrels, groundhogs, etc etc … so we have a plot at the community garden and grow our veggies there, where it's all fenced in and safe (mostly) from any animals. 🙂

  • How to meditate on said:

    Hi Chelsey! I'm Chelsea 🙂 First of all, I would like to say you have a really nice theme going on in your blog. And I really like your photo! Sadly, I don't have a green thumb 🙁 But I'm a bit motivated to try it out with this garden box you shared. What vegetable would you recommend that's easy to grow?


    Chelsea <3

  • Alyssa S. on said:

    Your little garden box grew SO nicely! My experience could be called "101 tragic gardening lessons I learned". First, I learned the hard way that some veggies are NOT good to plant in the spring in Texas. Then I had to pull them out and replant ones that ARE summer veggies here. Then some ick got to my summer squash. The a torrential rain tore the leaves off my hot peppers 🙁 My tomatoes are all greens. My co-worker told me they will likely not fruit until the fall because it's too hot. UGH! The only things that have done well enough to use are my herbs! I made pesto with my fresh basil last week. WOOO!

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