Off we go!

By the time you read this… Jess and I will be arriving in New York, for BlogHer 2012.

I am So excited… a little nervous about the flying… but, mostly just very excited. I’ve never been to NY, so Jess and I planned out a couple extra days to just explore. Well, we may need to take a nap… since we’re both taking a red eye and landing at 6 am. Ah! Buuuut, after that: we are hitting the town. Or, city. Whatever. I guess it’s not really a town…

Even though I’m all the way on the other side of the country… I’ll still have blog posts for you! Starting with a giveaway tomorrow, a guest post for Thursday, and a link love post for Friday (and, my photo challenge for Saturday).

SO, if you’d like to follow my trip “live”… you’ll definitely be able to find me tweeting, on facebook, and on Instagram!

– Chelsey

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