Hey you, celebrity.

The other night I had thee strangest dream… ever. I’m serious. It was prettttty random. Here’s a quick little rundown: I was at BlogHer. So yes, many of you bloggers were also there. In my dream. Hee. We were all in registration which included: a line to cut your hair like Zooey Deschanel’s, a machine to toss your dirty socks in and coins pop out in return, and of course Beyonce was there with me.  Of course.

So after Beyonce and I were all registered, we decided to go shopping. I didn’t buy anything (because I’m cheap), but she bought a $100,000 crib. AND, that’s when I woke up. Maybe it frightened me so much that someone could spend that amount on something like that…. I just woke! I don’t know.

But, it just got me thinking and I keep thinking about it. Even though it was a dream: A famous singer buying a super expensive item (that could be found for a LOT less moolah) is not that far from the truth. I mean… I can only guess that her sweet baby’s room is extremely pimped out. I understand that the “rich and famous” work hard for their cash-money, but it really just seems a bit ridiculous. I don’t ever dream of being able to purchase a $1,000 pillow or a gold toilet (well….). I dream of paying off our school loans (shaking fists at interest payments) and not paying a mortgage (just 40 more years to go…).

My thoughts today have wandered to the Pay It Forward idea. I’ve always loved that idea. In fact, I did buy some Shine Project Pass it Forward cards… and, have done my own little silly “Pay It Forward” moments. Paying for someone’s coffee or buying a sweet treat for my neighbor. Little things. Things in my budget. What would be in Beyonce’s pay it forward budget? Or, any other celebrities budget?

I wonder if they step back and say, “Hmmmm, maybe I don’t need a new pair of $500 jeans for every day of the year…” and, used that to Pay it Forward… what could happen? I know these celebrities aren’t reading my blog. That’s fine… that would probably just make me nervous (well, I’m 90% sure Joseph Gordon Levitt reads my blog. Oh wait, that’s just in my dreams). But, what if they didn’t buy that $100,000 necklace and paid off someone’s student loans? Or, instead of a 1 million dollar baby room remodel… maybe a $500,000 baby room makeover… and, use that extra $500,000 to pay off a random ladies mortgage (pointing at myself… I kid. Sorta).

Anyway. While I know the rich and famous work hard and earn their own money… I still wonder. What would happen if they chose to pay off a year of rent for some random person? A person that’s struggling to put food on the table? Instead of buying jewelry or whatever. I know the majority of celebs have their own charity events… etc. BUT, it could be pretty amazing. Maybe a little trend will start… Celebrities randomly paying it forward for random people? Hee. Maybe. Just dreams I suppose.

– Chelsey

P.S. I definitely don’t mean to pick on Beyonce… she was just my BlogHer roomie in the dream. <3


  • Noël on said:

    I bet you could convince Beyonce to get on board with something like this. That was pretty convincing, and inspiring.
    I used to wander off to daydream land when I would look at the parking lot full of brand new shiny cars just sitting there,
    collecting dust when a person like myself at the time was driving an old vw bug. Oh the possibilities if generosity ruled the world.

  • Lindsay on said:

    Did you know that Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas does that! I saw an article about it a long time ago during the economic bust. He picked random people he didn't know and paid off their mortgage with his own money. Isn't that awesome? I think there was an Oprah show about it. It's always stuck with me for some reason and reminded me to help others whenever I can.

  • michelle on said:

    did you know you are on get off my inernets wed site? they are rat b……

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Oh man. Well, that's ok. I'll just try and ignore it. 🙂

  • Tara on said:

    This is all definitely truth. Also I have weird dreams like this as well.
    Another also, have you read the blog 'Hundreds of Hundreds'? It's awesome. The lady is based in Portland (whoot) and randomly gives someone $100 each month and then blogs about it. So cool. Check it out.

  • MeaganMusing on said:

    That's one crazy dream!
    I know some families who are not famous, but certainly really well off and they give away a LOT of money. They're really good about helping family/friends if they're in a bind or want to buy a house or start a business. And they give lots of money to worthy charities and their churches.
    I think a lot of times if people have worked really hard to earn all that money they know what it's like not to have it and they're more than happy to help out other hard working people to help them get ahead.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      We were pretty poor when I was a kiddo, so that may be why I'm so careful with the monies these days. Eventually I'd like to be able to donate more. For now, my time is what I've got to share. 🙂

  • Alyssa S. on said:

    Paying it forward is our way of being able to do something for someone else, no matter how big or small. In my experience, it doesn;t matter how big or small, it's the gesture that is most appreciated. It's funny, we have conversations all the time about what charities we would give to if we won the lottery. Believe it or not, in the very unlikely event we ever come into money, our plans include donating most of it away!

    Girl, your dream sounds like ones I have all the time!

  • Megs on said:

    My husband and I have actually wondered about this many times! He's on disability, suffering from a pretty severe case of MS, and he (jokingly) said he's going to start writing celebrities to "sponsor" him to help him pay off our home, our car, our debt (which won't stop adding up with all the medical costs). Hehehe. I think it's a great idea. Doing something kind within our own budget is fun and rewarding, even though it's a small gesture. But in their shoes – a kind gesture could go a long way.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I loved that story about people paying off Kmart layaways over Christmas. Small, but sweet.

  • Ariel on said:

    Oh man, if we didn't have $1200/month in student loan payments I swear it would feel like we were rich! I mean, that's like a sweet trip every month! Or a new wardrobe! Hey Beyonce, me tooooo!!!!!!

  • Gina_AcuteDesigns on said:

    Dreams are so crazy. I think the same things too and I love hearing about celebs/rich people who give a lot away. So many give so much away and I like to think I would do the exact same thing if I was in their position. What I really want is a bail out from the U.S. government. I have debt too! If they bailed me out, I would have a lot more to spend/stimulate the economy :).

  • shellthings on said:

    I think about this, too. I try to stay realistic and not think that celebs should give it all away, but if us "little people" can do small favors for people, perhaps they can do something porportional. We don't miss an occasional $5 or $10. They wouldn't miss an occasional $500 or $1000 or really,$50,000 or $100,000!

  • lifeislovee on said:

    I'm not going to lie, I've always wanted to win the lottery so things would be easier for my family &I, but who hasn't thought that at some point? But, I also have always wanted to be able to help random families down on their luck as well. I mean, if I had $10 million, I could easily take a couple million to help struggling families that just want the best for their children and it wouldn't even effect my "comfortable living". I applaud the wealthy people who do help others, but I just don't understand why a lot of the wealthy have zero campassion for less fortunate human beings. After all, in the end, we're all the same no matter what our bank statement says.

  • Elisha(: on said:

    OHMYGOSHHH!!! That's so funny!!!!


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