Christina’s Wedding

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Christina, celebrated her wedding. It was a wedding planned in 2 weeks. Originally scheduled for July… we moved it up due to a family member being very sick. It was pretty darn amazing…. a wedding plan completely scrapped, and planned in such a short amount of time. I really wish all weddings could be planned that way. It would be so much less stress for everyone.

Very limited decorations… simple… beautiful. We started off at her parent’s home, moved on to the Firehouse for the reception, and ended at the Voice Box for some karaoke… of course.

P.S. I am SOoooo not into singing in front of people, but the bride made me. We sang, “A Whole New World”… you know, Aladdin. We used to dance around Christina’s house as youngin’s being silly and singing that song. <3

I love you sweet Christina!

Pahlus: cake toppers were drawn by me, all photos are from AND I found my sweet blue dress from Wanderlust in PDX.

– Chelsey


  • Christina on said:

    I love all of the lovely comments! 🙂 Ps cake was from robots love cupcakes and was cookie dough flavor frosting YUMM!

  • Kat on said:

    I love the simplicity of this wedding!!! Somehow it just makes the love the two people share stand out more…does that make sense?

  • Jen Daily on said:

    Lovely. I wonder how many of us, in hindsight, would choose a much simpler wedding. I know my favorite weddings have been the least traditional…

  • Missa on said:

    Your friend is one outrageously beautiful bride!!!

  • jess on said:

    aw looks awesome chelsey. i'm glad you were there for her!

  • Alyssa on said:

    Beautiful, simple, lovely!

  • Elena on said:

    This looks like such a great time! Love everyone's dresses!

  • Kate on said:

    Looks like an amazing time! My own wedding was beautiful and took a year to plan but looking back I so wish I would have just gone the simple route and did something a little more "me" on a whim. Oh well!
    I also NEVER sing in front of anyone (without a couple of cocktails in me, that is!) but used to always request A Whole New World at the skating rink. Haha.
    Congratulations to your beautiful friend. These are photos she will cherish forever! Oh yeah, and the cake topper pretty much rocks my world!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I loved my wedding, but I really think I worried too much about some things….

  • Alyssa S. on said:

    I love spontaneous weddings! They are so much more authentic. I planned mine in about a month and I would never go back and change a thing about it. Your friend's looked beautiful.

  • Tammy Schaper on said:

    Beautiful! Yes, weddings should be simple & elegant without all the hoop-la, I couldn't agree more.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I wish I had been more relaxed about my wedding plans… But, I loved my wedding.

  • Kati on said:

    Those are precious pics!

  • melanie @nowaqueen on said:

    great pictures, looks like a one-of-a-kind wedding day! Love the cake topper too!

  • eclecticschooling on said:

    It looks absolutely beautiful! Wonderful happy pics 😉

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