Links to loooove this week.

I’ve been trying my best to sloooooow down. Enjoy each moment. The internet can move so darn fast that I get caught up in it and I forget to stop and just hang out. Enjoy some tea. I’ve been collecting teapots and tea cups since I was little… so, instead of using my giant to-go mug each morning for tea… I make a pot of tea. I’ve really been enjoying it. And, Ruari uses her toy teapot and plays right next to me. <3 P.S. my favorite teas are: Green and Earl Grey from Tazo.

For any mama that had difficulties breast feeding… this is nice to read: What Lactavists Need to Stop Saying.

We’ve all been cat crazy for years! Even in the 1870’s.

Speaking about animal crazy… how ’bout cute pups! These underwater dog photos are hilarious!

Have you checked out my sponsor: Flighted Crimson’s jewelry? Very lovely.

I’d really like to try screen printing sometime. That would be fun! <3

Pretty macaroons to make.

We are in the process of building a pantry in our nook…. seriously you guys… we have only one closet that came with our 950 sq. ft. home. We’ve added one in the living room… and, now a pantry to the kitchen nook is in process. Hopefully. Anywho, this corner pantry is inspiring.

Yes! I pretty much love anything guacamole related.

Thank you so much to youyou, and you for helping me raise money for BlogHer!

Pretty cute. A DIY boxy makeup bag.

I think I can get my kid to eat this… just need to blend in some spinach… all sneaky like.

This Quinoa Granola Bar recipe looks tasty. I’ve been looking for a nice quinoa bar recipe… maybe this is it?

I have the perfect dress for this. Hmm…. which color to dye it?

You still have a chance to donate $5 towards March for Babies to win a custom drawing from me!

Yeeees…. you still have a chance to win $75 towards some Tumbleweeds sunglasses froooom me. Yeah!

One more thing. It’s ad space time! I’m having a sale on ad space to raise money for BlogHer!!!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you enjoyed all my favorite links this week. <3

{A sweet favorite thrifted mug. Sharing with High On Thrifting}


  • Bon@AGoldenAfternoon on said:

    I saw those granola bars on Pinterest. They look sooo good! Love me some quinoa 🙂

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      We made the flautas and added spinach…. so good. I should have updated that link to say I tried it! ;D Ha!

  • Tilly on said:

    Ahhh! Those dogs are perfect!!

  • Alyssa S. on said:

    I love that breastfeeding post. Love, love, love. I sooooo want to go to BlogHer. I thought maybe I might be able to, but I just don't think I will be able to 🙁 Timing is just bad. I may just have to aim for Alt Summit next year. WAAAAHHH. And, dude, I love tea 🙂 I have a stockpile here at work.

  • NaomiAnselmo on said:

    That breastfeeding article is brilliant! Wish I had that to read two years ago, it would have been a great encouragement to me.

  • Liz on said:

    I love those underwater dog pictures!!!! I just spent 10 minutes looking at all the pictures on the guys site. He is talented!

  • Kathleen on said:

    Your blog is so great! And i love all the links you posted (especially the ones about food :))! Have a great weekend!

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