Peeps Easter Banner with Free Printable

Today I want to share with you a little Peeps Easter Printout! I don’t really have much in the way of Easter decor… and, now that I have a kiddo… I have this need and desire to decorate my home like crazy for every holiday! I tell ya: it’s crazy. But, my girl loves it. AND, I want to share my creation with you.


– Print out the peeps. You can find the printout links below.

– Cut out whatever colors and how many peeps and bunnies you’d like for your banner out.

– Optional: I felt like my peeps were missing something… so, I added a layer of glue and glitter for a bit of peeps sparkle! Let dry.

– Trim out a length of ribbon for your banner (the length is up to you) and glue the bunnies and peeps onto the ribbon.

– Hang and enjoy! You’ve got yourself a fine bit of Easter decor.

{Printouts: //Yellow Bunnies//Pink Bunnies//Blue Bunnies//Blue Peeps//Yellow Peeps//}

– Chelsey

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