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I think it’s no secret that I love to thrift…. and, let’s be honest…. maybe I thrift a little too much. Well, maybe not too much. Ok, maybe too much. Denial? Ha!

Anywho… I’ve been working my buns off to go through everything I own. It’s sort of a ritual each year. I Donate what I don’t need/want and organize what I’d like to keep. Hey, I guess I’m spring cleaning! BUT, this year I’m digging deeper: when Mike and I wandered back to Oregon from Seattle in 2007… we never actually went through our possessions as we moved into our house. We just sort of put all of our stuff in the garage and, well, forgot about it! Out of sight out of mind. Right? Yup.

I’ve gone through and donated so much. Things I definitely don’t need anymore. I mean, do I really need my massive design code book, lighting notebook, and foam core model of a home from college? No, I don’t think so. Off they go. I’ve kept that darn foam core house since 2006. I think I mostly kept it because of the millions of hours I put into that darn thing. Oh college…. I do not miss you. Hee.

We’ve been moving keepsakes into plastic containers (don’t want those treasure to get ruined) and getting our garage organized and turning it into a happy place… well, sort of. The garage is kind of old and poorly built and it may or may not be starting to fall down. But, that’s another story… anyway…

I’m so happy we can go into our garage and actually know where things are. There’s still a ton more to do, but we’re getting there. I love to organize… but, it definitely does not come naturally for me. But, I’m learning. I’ve found if I’m having a hard time cleaning out a box and getting rid of it’s contents… it helps to come back a month later and go through that box again. That little break helps. I’m more likely to donate more items.

Another happy note about all my organizing and “spring cleaning”: I’m finding goodies that I purchased while thrifting and just plain forgot about (remember: out of sight out of mind). Like these sweet little embroidered kiddos…. aren’t they great! I’m happy to say that I’m now in the process of spray painting their frames and moving them into Miss R’s room.

Do you spring clean? Or, are you just naturally organized already?

– Chelsey

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  • Laura on said:

    Will you come and clean/organize our garage? Pretty please? I'm afraid we've forgotten all about since we moved here in August!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      You know, I bet that would be fun! Looking though stuff that I don't own… is fun! 😀

  • ashley on said:

    those embroidered babes are so cute! this just got me in the mood to spring clean, we are moving in two months so it will be happening whether I like it or not! Great post!

  • TheBudgetMaven on said:

    I'd say I'm fairly organized, but when life gets busy, my closets become catch-alls. I really enjoy spring cleaning (or winter cleaning for that matter) because somehow sorting through all my junk vs. keep items seems to clear out my head a little bit. Glad you found some treasures during your cleaning spree. 🙂

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I love feeling like I've accomplished something and having a cleaner garage because of it. The one closet we have in our home is sort of a catch all…. but, I like going through it every few months.

  • randi on said:

    This has been very inspiring! We have been in the middle of a short sale for the last 6 months and I am soo in a whirl of chaos and disorganization.

  • Crystalyn Bryan on said:

    I'm am SO not naturally organized! In fact, my husband has a theory that when I walk by it disrupts some sort of balance in the universe and things just erupt into chaos. (He may or may not be exaggerating.) I'm learning though! When we moved into our house we also just stuck a bunch of boxes in our basement closet. I'm looking forward to going through everything and simplifying our lives.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      It's so fun. It's amazing what you find…. and, realize you definitely do not need. 😀

  • TerraCottaMomma on said:

    Yes! Yes! I just got done cleaning the whole house and yard it is so nice to have it de-cluttered.

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