Ruari Vlog. Questions Answered.

SO. The other day I was making a little vlog… and, Miss R asked if she could make one too! So, of course we had to make one! I tweeted and facebooked and instagramed asking if any of my readers had a question for my sweet girl. And, you all did! She loved making this video. She just sat there and kept asking, “What’s next?”

Thank you for the questions everyone! And, if you missed my tweets…. etc. You can follow me on twitter here, Facebook here, and my instagram name is: thepapermama


<3 Miss R


  • Kat on said:

    ok she is so cute. Seriously. So cute. I don't even know where to begin. And she looks so much like you!!!

  • Cole on said:

    OMG! She is so adorable!! You need to use these same questions and do a VLOG with her like once a year! SO cute!

  • Rebecca Acker on said:

    She is so attentive! I love the part about her shoes/feet. So fun to listen to the conversation. What a sweetie you have. 🙂

  • Regina Morrison on said:

    Really just too, too cute!

  • Jessie on said:

    Oh deer. She is wonderful. I love how she doesn't really answer any of the questions…"BEAR!"
    Hahaha adorable. She's also REALLY good at sound effects 😀

  • Helena on said:

    Um, I want horsey tights!

  • jess on said:

    omg i watched that whole thing! i swear her and wyatt look so alike to me! she's so cute!

  • erika on said:

    this totally cracked me up at work. thanks for making my day! <3

  • Laurel on said:

    AWw I love her little head nod – so adorable! And her cute little voice!!

  • Sarah on said:

    This just makes me so happy – what a little ray of sunshine!

  • Emily S. on said:

    She is so adorable! I love her horse tights too.

  • roxana on said:

    too stinking CUTE!

  • Ky_TwoPretzels on said:

    Quite possibly the CUTEST thing I've seen in a while.

    I need to do this with my little lady, too. (How old is Ruari?)

  • Jess on said:

    Aww! That was so cute!

  • TheBudgetMaven on said:

    Ruari is adorable! I love how you say that she's never really swam and then she's like "I swim." Gotta love the confidence of a 2 year old. 🙂

  • MommaExpat on said:

    I watched this with HJ and he kept saying "whose that girl?" So cute, we loved it…. and the horsey tights too!

  • Carolyn on said:

    Gaaaahhhh! she's so adorable! I love her outfit 🙂

  • cynthia on said:

    Oh Ruari, you are so so so so cute!!!! I can't believe how much she talks!! My son was mesmerized by this video-
    I left the room for a sec and he sat quietly and watched it.

  • motherAWESOME on said:

    I love how she says, "YEAH!" and emphatically nods her head. So freaking cute.

  • Suburban Sweetheart on said:

    I love when she answers "Who's your favorite Valentine?" "Oh! Hmmm… Dora," with the little head nod. I also dig how she skirted the Ryan or JGL question by turning our attention to bears. Cutest!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      It is a hard question. But, I'm more of a JGL girl. 😀

  • Andrea on said:

    OMG I died. She is insanely adorable!

  • amber on said:

    Aww,this is cute! How old is she,again?

  • Kara on said:

    Hahah I love how she wiggles her little toes when you ask if she's wearing shoes. She's too cute Chelsey!

  • Corey Moortgat on said:

    She is so adorable! She reminds me so much of my daughter- although I don't know if mine would have been able to focus for quite so long! Well, maybe if she had a snack cup like that….!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Oh yes. The only reason she sat there was because of the animal crackers. 😀

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