The Newborn Sway

I don’t think I will ever stop doing the newborn sway…. For those of you that don’t know what that is: when you first have your baby… And you’re holding it 24/7… You learn to just sway. You sway to keep them happy, asleep, for everything.
So, what happens when your baby grows and turns into a toddler? Well, you cannot stop! Anytime I’m standing still… In a line… Or, if a little baby cries: I do the newborn sway. Not even holding my kid… and, I’m swaying. If you do this in public…. 60% of the people around you won’t even notice you’re doing anything. 10% will be moms that TOTALLY get it and are already swaying themselves. The remaining 30% will just think you’re insane. 😉 (scientific facts people… Kidding).
My favorite sway and baby-free moment: I was at a grocery store buying a bottle of wine and I was cradling it like a baby…. And swaying. Ha! Took me a couple minutes to notice. I bet the percentage of people thinking I’m insane went up to 50%. ;D
Are you a newborn baby swayer?
FYI: Yes… I DID make this .gif!!! Thanks to this post.


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  • Amanda on said:

    Haha!! I totally do this! I have an 8 month old, and yesterday I caught myself swaying my cat.

    PS – I just found your blog through Pinterest. I found one of your awesome hair tutorials. And I'm totally a new fan now.

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