Things I’m just lovin.

this food blog is pretty.
I can’t even… this makes me even MORE excited to go to Alt! FYI…. I’ve been in the same room as Seth Aaron 3 times… and, I’m too chicken to say “Hi!”… I’m a weirdo.
Thank you to you, you and yoooou for the donation to get me to Alt! Thank you!
Ok… this terrarium ornament is adorable.
I love this idea for DIY wall art. But, I would only have Oregon and Washington for mine. 🙂
The last day to enter the RFRM giveaway is today. 🙂
These little rocking seat/chair thingy’s are pretty amazing.
I’m curious to try out this recipe. My family and I have been eating vegetarian about 4 times a week. 🙂
Is this thing real? If it is I wish I owned it… because peeling apples is not my favorite. AND, I’m making pie next week! 😀
I Knew I Needed Help When…. a postpartum post.
This could totally be a solution for our tiny home if we have a second child someday. 
And, I wish I knew how to do this… even with the tutorial I seem to fail at eye makeup. 🙂
How about free polaroid frames for your blog?
And, you still have time to enter your photo into my Holiday Photo Challenge! Do it! 
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