Linkidy do da Day

::::Favorite quote this week… R asking what happened to the animal on the wall::::

Ummm… do you love Parks and Rec like I do? Ruari needs this.

This series of photos cracks me up!
YES please! I will be making these.
OH Ruche…. why do you torture me? I love these. <3 
A thank you to you and you for the donation to help me get to Alt Design Summit!
Love how she combined the pinecone garland and clothespins to hang photos! CUTE.
Fried freakin’ olives stuffed with freakin’ cheese!
I’m loving this free printable thank you list for Christmas! Keep track of who got what…. and, then send them a thank you! 
I’d love to make heart-shaped pies for Christmas…. might just do it!
I am so in love and inspired by this space.
The 2nd year of ordering a Christmas gift from this company! LOVE it. Handmade… repurposed materials… AND, local. Well, Seattle. BUT, that’s pretty much local to me. 🙂
I forgot about this post. Can’t believe my girl will be 2 in like a week! My sweet little girl. Maybe 9 months in the photos? And, you can also watch an old video of my pregnant hairy belly… Ruari kicking. 
Still need some gifts for Christmas? This jewelry is lovely! AND: it’s all on sale! Marked down 30% off for December.
I’ll be at this trunk show next week in Portland! Come by and say “hi”!

So, one more week to enter your photo into my Holiday Photo Challenge! Prizes! Prizes! WOOO! 
What are your favorite links this week? 😀


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