50 DIY Days with Yellow Finch Designs: Decorating on a Budget

Day 32: Hello Paper Mama readers! I’m Liz from Yellow Finch Designs Blog and I’m SO excited to share some decorating tips with you today. There are so many amazing crafters out there so I thought I could talk a bit about decorating on a budget.Every year I like to switch things up and decorate a little differently from the previous year. The easiest way to stick to your budget is to turn to nature, make a quick stop at the craft store and gather some thrifted items. Here in Ohio we have an abundance of evergreens so I decided to use this as my main piece for decorating. I also gathered pine cones and dug out an old box of sand dollars. To jazz up some of these pieces I decided a little spray paint would do the trick. I like to stick with just a couple colors so I choose red and silver. 

decorate5You’ll notice on my blog that I have a passion for words so I wanted to add some holiday cheer with simple words. I thought JOY and PEACE would do the trick. 

JOYOnce the items are dry it’s time to get to work. I gathered old clear vases, vintage milk glass and clear bottles and arranged them throughout the house. I always like to focus on my living room because we have a large mantel that is the focal point of the room. Once my containers were set up I added my evergreens and pine cones. To get some color involved I used an inexpensive garland of berries that I cut and placed here and there. I wrapped the remaining garland around the iron banister on the stairs. 

Picnik collagedecorate9decorate4decorate3decorate2More tips for Holiday decorating:1. Choose two or three colors for your holiday palette. If you incorporate too many colors it may seem busy. This year I choose very neutral colors, but it would be fun to add some bold turquoise or lime green with silver, white or gold.2. When arranging items group them into odd numbers. For example, three candle holders or five small vintage vases.3. Use this time to rearrange for a fresh feel in your home. In order to set up our tree I have to move some furniture. I always love the new look and tend to appreciate my home even more during the holidays.4. Get creative. Use branches, leaves, pine cones, shells, ribbon, paper, garland, candles, material and anything else you can think of. And remember, you can change the look of anything with a little spray paint.5. Express yourself and have fun! I love decorating for the holidays because it’s fun and it’s a great way to involve my family. I like to add a little something to each room and I let the kids use their imagination when it comes to their rooms and their tree. 


I love this holiday print I picked from a local artistThe Canton Box Company.

decorateHave fun friends and get decorating!I would love to hear or see how your home turns out this holiday season.Thanks Chelsey for having me on The Paper Mama.

Thank you SO much to Elizabeth from Yellow Finch Designs! What a LOVELY guest post. I love your DIY decor! 😀 Thank you for joining my 50 DIY Days of Christmas!

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