50 DIY Days: Sweet Ribbon Stitching!

Day 37: So, who’s Laureli? Oh, that’s my daughter. 🙂 Her real name… but, I call her Ruari (::hi Gilmore Girls::). I actually created this little ribbon stitched name on her stocking last year… but, never got around to sharing it! I absolutely love it! It’s really simple to do… and, it’s a sweet little custom touch for her stocking.
How I did it:
– Select the ribbon you’d like to use… and the item you’re stitching the ribbon onto. 
– I just wrote out her name free hand as I was stitching…. BUT, if you feel more comfortable you can pin the ribbon down before you sew it. Spell out the name or word you’d like…. and, stitch it on! That’s it!
It’s a fast and easy way to customize your family stockings.

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