Holy McMoly. She’s 23 months.

Oh man. Oh my goodness… just 1 more month and my child will be 2 years old! Wha? How did this happen….Oh gosh. I’m so happy and sad at the same time. I love the human she’s growing up into…. but, then I get sad that she’s growing so fast!
Sometimes it’s so hard to be a mom….. BUT, mostly it’s wonderful. I love the sweet kisses she runs up to give me…. the funny words/things she’s saying…. the chubby toddler fingers… cuddly arms… Even after she melts down and I am so frustrated with the moment… I get a sweet hug from her after she calms down. Sweet sweet girl. 
Ruari: you are my love. Thank you for being my daughter! – Mama

BY THE WAY…. this is why it’s so hard to get a photo of a toddler….

Oh, and I’m guest posting over at Mandy’s (A Sorta Fairytale) today! Head on over to see a day in my life!

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