50 DIY Days with Chronicles of Corbin: Bumble the Snow Monster T-shirt

Day 18: hello lovelies! it’s Jill from Chronicles of Corbin! i was super excited to be asked by my pal chelsey to be a part of the fifty diy days of christmas! i’ve made a few felt t-shirts lately as gifts and for my own son so i thought it would be fun to show you all how fun, easy, and inexpensive they are to make!!
the supplies you’ll need are: a t-shirt (i bought this one at target for four dollars!), felt (craft stores carry them by the sheet and are usually three for one dollar), scissors, needle and thread in the coordinating felt colors, and a print out of the design. for this one i just searched “bumble the snow monster” in google, saved the image i liked, cropped out his face, and printed it.
start from the biggest shape of the design, pin it to the felt, and start cutting the pieces out.
snip, snip! i keep a picture of the design handy to reference and always love watching it come to life!
for bumble i cut jagged edges around his face to make him look furry and then started sewing him onto the shirt after i arrange it just how i want it and pin it down.
after his head was sewn on i worked on sewing the smaller pieces together so there would be less to handle once i actually sewed the face pieces to the shirt. it’s helpful to lay the paper cutout on the head to get the face pieces in the exact spots too! then just pin them on and sew them to the shirt!
last step is to bribe your kid with a peanut m&m to stand and take a picture of the finished product! he promises outstretched arms and monster noises but won’t settle for taking his eyes off his new truck!
what i’ve found best is to wash these shirts with like colors inside out and then hang to dry!
Thank you SO much to Jill from Chronicles of Corbin! What a LOVELY guest post. I think Ruari needs one of those shirts for sure! 😀 Thank you for joining my 50 DIY Days of Christmas!

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