Some links to love.

I often keep a collection of links that I love to come back too…. I used to keep them in my bookmarks… but, we all know that Pinterest has pretty much taken over that world! I love Pinterest (my Pinterest). BUT, I still do use my bookmarks… mostly for blog posts or cool websites I find. SO… I’d love to share them with you…..

I don’t remember where I found this… BUT, I’m doing this with the crate boxes I have: Bookshelf.

This is a super cool website for buying handmade wedding supplies! Wedzu!

I’m still thinking of chickens! Tips for building my own coops here.

This sweet blogger offers premade templates for your blog for CHEAP. And, they’re cute. 

This is the last thing I actually bookmarked before I joined Pinterest… ;D : Pinwheel Birthday Party.

Free frame images to use on your blog.

I love this paper.

This makes me happy.

The Pacific Northwest Blogger is up and running. 🙂 

This submitted post on Scary Mommy scared the poo out of me! It made me want to protect and hold Ruari close to me… but, all I can do is teach and talk to her. Read here. Then, I wrote about it here earlier this week.

I’ve had a few questions on how I lost some weight… this is pretty much what I did… plus some working out…. and, I wasn’t as strict (still had bread and some cheese…. oh, and wine.)… Post about Fud.

I’m enjoying this lovely blog. So soft and pretty.

I’d like to introduce you to my dream studio… so awesome.

AND, a super cool idea for Halloween I saw on The Nate Show (which I freakin’ love and have watched since it began…) from Brooke Shields: Let your kiddos pick out 10 pieces of candy on the night of Halloween to keep. Tell them to put the rest at the end of their beds and the Halloween Fairy will switch it out for a prize/toy. R is still a little young for this… BUT, maybe next year. 🙂


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